Monday 1 February 2021

Upcycling fun


 After the excitement that is Monday's Homeschooling I needed something calm and relaxing to do. 

So I dug out an old net curtain from the depths of the airing cupboard and turned it into a collection of drawstring produce bags. I've made a fairly big one for things like spuds, medium ones for apples, oranges, carrots etc and a few small ones for single items like onions or little things like mushrooms.

 My poor punnet of mushrooms was all over the place once I got home last week. They seem to have had a whale of time in that carrier bag 😂

 It was a lovely peaceful sewing project to enjoy while sipping tea and watching a bit of Ru Pauls Drag Race on Netflix. 

I do like being useful AND thrifty at the same time.

X x X

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