Sunday 14 March 2021

Happy Mothering Sunday


Happy Mothering Sunday to all those who celebrate however you choose to celebrate.

I woke to tea and toast in bed and a flurry of handmade card (the bestest kind!). 

I have bearly lifted a finger all day and have had drinks and snacks on request.

Just after lunch I was given several thoughtful gifts of my favourites things like chocolates, bath bombs and candles.


I was even gifted 3 brand new balls of soft burgundy yarn. I haven't had new yarn in quite a while so this was quite an exciting event.

This evening will be spent watching a movie in bed as I nibble on my chocolates and start knitting myself a ... something. Half the fun of knitting is picking the yarns and patterns though 🤣

I hope you all had a lovely day.

X x X 

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Frogspawn and crafting


Gman's frogspawn is starting to turn into tiny wriggling tadpoles. A few have started to swim freely in the tank, the rest are still digesting their egg sacks. 

Gman is thrilled and spends a lot of his free time playing beside the tank to keep a careful on them. 

All the hustle and bustle of school runs again has come at the wrong time for me as a woman, so I'm feeling quite tired today.

I spent the morning sorting some donations and listing them online while the two smallest played beside me. There wasn't anything much exciting in the bags but I did claim an old childrens board book for myself.

The pages had at some point been stuck together and prised apart. This had left the pictures quite badly damaged and I couldn't see anyone wanting it.

So I'm trying an experiment. I've laid the book out flat and covered the pages using one of my stash of tester pots. I've no idea how the paint will react to the cardboard book but it'll be interesting to find out. 

I intend to work my way along until the entire book is covered and turn it into a mini-scrapbook or junk journal for DD1. 

I'm toying between two ideas. One being to fill each page with her favourite things and two being "10 things we love about..." 

I'll let you know how it goes 

X x X

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Tasty Tuesdays


Apologies for the blurred photograph, I didn't notice it at the time.

Tuesday is here again and that meant a trip to the food pantry.

This weeks meal deal was to small for us with no choice to size up.

Blue tokens;

1x 4 pack of tuna

1x large packet of ham

Red tokens;

1 bag of bananas

1 bag of apples 

1 packet of bacon

1 jar of spaghetti sauce

4 x packets of hot cross buns (2for1)

2x tins of sweetcorn (2for1)

4x marshmallow lollipops (2for1)


Salsa dips

Enchilada seasoning

Damaged bananas

Sadly fruit and vegetables were not free this visit. I'm not not sure if that was due to customer abuse or low supplies. It felt rude to ask. I did make sure they were happy with the amount I was taking though.

The extra bananas were a case of lucky timing. I mentioned several of the bananas had split skins and one of the staff said they were just going to sort them.

I asked if the damaged bananas were being thrown out and she confirmed they were so I asked if i might have them for baking.

The damaged bananas are already sitting in my kitchen as banana cupcakes for the childrens lunchboxes.

Although still worth visiting I feel like the blue token choices have been poor lately. Packets of ham are not as useful as chicken or mince for example. I'm still however very grateful I can use the pantry though.

X x X

Saturday 6 March 2021



Monday is the big day. The three eldest are back to school. I have mixed feelings naturally but over all I think it's going to be good for them to be back anong friends and learn to be seperated from me again. 

 The school in it's wisdom have decided that on PE days the children will wear sports clothes all day. Tshirt, joggers and jackets. I can understand the idea behind it but having three children in the school all on a different PE rota means remembering which child needs their PE stuff on each day.

Monday- DD1 & DD2

Tuesday - GMan

Wednesday - GMan

Thursday - DD1

Friday - DD2

 I'm terrified I'm going to send the wrong child in the wrong outfit at least once! They don't make life easy do they? 🤣🤣🤣

X x x

Thursday 4 March 2021

Mother of Frogspawn, first of her name


 Gman is thrilled. We are officially raising a clump of frog spawn on our dining room table. In a tank though of course lol

  After watching some nature themed vloggers on YouTube, Gman asked if his Grandad had some frogspawn on his allotment that we could have. After the success of our caterpillar raising last year I thought it sounded like a great idea. 

 We watched a few video guides together and I read a few webpages about frogspawn keeping 101 before deciding to give it a go.

 Sadly Grandad didn't have any frog spawn in his little nature pond  which might be thanks to the small army of slow worms that reside in the nearby compost heap. However a polite appeal on facebook put us in touch with a local lady who had plenty in her garden pond to share. 

Once grown we will release them onto Grandad's allotment to patrol the vegetables.

 I shall keep you posted on our froggy adventures.

X x X