Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Family fun day

Today we went on a wonderful adventure.

First we caught the bus to our destination. Bus rides used to be a 4 times daily occurance before we moved to Eastleigh, it's so odd that it feels quite special now. Gman said he couldn't remember riding on a bus before and was shocked to hear he had actually ridden on many.

  The bus was free transport put on especially for people going to the Family fun day otherwise we couldn't have gone without DH driving us there. It felt really nice to take all 5 of the children out by myself for the day.

After signing in and dealing with a small travel sickness incident we started our first activity. We were each given sticks, rubber bands, pipe cleaners and a plastic dinosaur.
Then we had 20 minutes to make a raft that could sail the dinosaur safely across a small paddling pool of water.

All 4 eldest children really enjoyed the challenge and it's definitely something we'll be trying again at home. 

Next we made some handmade paper. A touch messy but a lot of fun trying to find the perfect leaf or flower to use as decoration. Sadly the line drying the papers broke in the wind before we could take them home but I think the children forgot about them anyway so it wasn't too much of a disaster.

Next came den building with a short walk into the nearby woodland and the children let loose with sticks, tarps and rope.  Originally we were in two teams; me, Baby C, Gman and DD2 vs DD1 and DD3. However we ended up making a sort of super tent between us complete with a mock campfire set up and sleeping areas.
It was wonderful to watch them all working together to solve various problems.

By then it was lunch time and we were all famished. Lunch was fresh salad and jacket potatoes with a host of toppings to pick from. It was here we had our only complaint of the day. The eco friendly wooden forks were horrible to use. Next week we will be packing some cutlery from home!
Dessert was chocolate mousse with whipped cream.

The afternoon activity was making berry smoothies using a bicycle powered blender and creating fruit kebabs. DD3 had a lot of mysteriously disappearing fruit 😂
I was a little shocked at how some of the other children attending didn't recognise some of the fruit we used and even more shocked at several parents who threw the kebabs in the bin as they left. I'm tempted to take freezer bags with me next week in case a similar thing happens, the frugal mum in me wants to take home any leftovers to make jam 🤣
I wonder if they'd let me 🤔

After our fruit feast it was time to catch the bus back home. Evetyone was tired but happy after a day of fresh air and nature based entertainment. 
We are booked on 4 of the 5 sessions avaliable this summer and I can't wait for the next one.

X x X

Friday, 16 July 2021

Cold bellybuttons

 It's Day 3 of isolation for DD2. There have been 2 positive cases in her year group at school so that's pretty much her finished now for the summer. I'm not even going to guess if they will be back in September the whole thing feels very shakey again. 

 Thankfully we are having beautiful weather and can enjoy the garden for entertainment. The two smallest are also happy to bimble about out there so it makes for a peaceful afternoon. Except when odd things happen.

DD4 - Mama! My belly button is getting cold! 

 Imagine this said with an impressive sized pout and cross little hands on hips. 

Sure enough a hole has appeared in her dress 🤣

 Please excuse the state of the dress. Toddlers playing in gardens do not make for clean dresses 🤣 I don't have any white sewing cottom at the moment so I used the brown one I did have. 

 I then covered the stitches by going over them in white yarn. It's probably not going to be suitible for meeting the Queen but it will be just fine for more garden play for a little longer. I will start looking out for a new dress or two next time I'm near the charity shops though just in case we have any more garden casualties this summer.

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Weeds are flowers too...

 Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them - A.A.Milne

 I've been waiting for the enourmous thistle plant in my garden to bloom for a long time now. The rain storm last night seems to have done the trick and finally tempted out the first blooms. Don't they look sweet in this little glass jug?

X x X

Monday, 28 June 2021

Bargain bits and pieces

 I picked up a few bargains on my trip to town this morning. A pretty white dress for Baby C for 49p. At that price I don't really mind if it only lasts for a few wears. White is definitely a big risk 🤣. The sticker book is like new, and Gman is a big fan of Power Rangers  so for 29p it will make a nice addition to his Christmas pile.

 I also found 2 Lamaze toys in 2 seperate shops. 1 for 99p and 1 for £1. The dog has squeakers in his legs and the peacock is full of textures and interactive parts for sensory play. We have quite a collection of Lamaze toys now each of the 5 children having all recieved some over the years. They really are wonderful childrens toys. They wash well and seem nigh on indestructible.

  Last but not least was an odd find. DD3 spent a happy hour building all sorts of towers and buildings with the cards. Next time I get some thick card pass my way I'm going to use these as templates and add a few more pieces so it's easier to share between 2 or more children. 

 I'm rather pleased with my finds today 

 X x x

Barmy offers


 I thought the current 5 for £5 offer looked good when i passed by yesterday. I thought I'd treat the children to it tonight, i was wrong.

 Me; Can you tell me where the £5 offer is please?

 Shop Worker (SW); It's over there but you can't buy one.

Me; Why?

SW; We've run out of garlic bread and we aren't allowed to substitute it.

Me; Can't you sell it without the garlic bread?

SW; No, we're not allowed.

Me; So everything has to sit in the freezer until you get more garlic bread in?

SW; Yes.

 😂 How ridiculous! 

Sunday, 27 June 2021

Sunday hunting

As you can see Baby C was a lot more cheerful again this morning. I'm so glad she is back to her bouncy happy self again.

Most of this morning was spent chasing DD2 around nearby streets as she hunted down Pokemon on my phone app. 

 Happily the Pokemon hunting took us near B&Q so we nipped in to look at the injury bench and see what was going cheap. There were plenty of bedding plants for 50p or £1 a tray. I picked up some marigolds, bizzi lizzie and petunia for £1.50

The flower tower by my front gate has needed a makeover for a while. Of all the spring bulbs I planted only 3 got to flowering stage. I'm not sure if they were crap bulbs or it was the horrible spring we had.

It should look really pretty once the new plants start to flower.


We had enough plants left to replant the barrel tub beside the front door too.

DD2 was my chief helper and suggested we make a pattern around the edge. I look forward to seeing how it looks later on.  We finished gardening just before the rain started which should help the plants settle into their new spots quite nicely.

It's been a much nicer day than yesterday!

X x X


Saturday, 26 June 2021

A loooonnnggg day

It's been a long day. Baby C has been in a terrible mood since the moment she woke up. I've tried every trick in the book to perk her up, and after 5 children that's not a short list. I've come to the conclusion that she's just having a sad day.

After a whole day of rocking, hugging and trying to distract a baby who only wants to sit and grizzle my parenting energy is definitely feeling depleted so I'm feeding everyone a quick dinner of spaghetti bolognaise.

The mince came from Friday's trip to the community pantry, the sauce is a cheap one from home bargains that everyone seems to like and I've padded it out with some tinned tomatoes and oats. 

  Dessert is going to be a slice of cake. DH picked it up for just £1.50 reduced from almost £10! I'm hoping an intense sugar hit might make Baby C smile just once today or possibly pass out from a crash into a nice long nap. 

 Cross your fingers for me!

X x X