Saturday 20 December 2014

Sneaking ahead for 2015

 Hurrah it's nearly Christmas.  And a new exciting year is around the corner for the Random family. We're planning to hit the garden hard the moment Christmas is finished and prepare for the new growing season.  I want to get as much as possible set up by the time Baby arrives so I only have to worry about picking and watering while I'm recovering.
 We have sneaked in a little head start though with some celery. Clever hubby picked some up reduced to pennies a few days ago. All he needs is a windowsill and a jam jar so rather than wasting a chance to have homegrown celery this summer, he'll be joining us from his windowsill.
 Perhaps he'll inspire my hyacinth to get a move on. I don't think it'll be out for Christmas somehow,  but maybe New year will start with a pretty floral display if I'm lucky.

 X x x