Friday 31 August 2012


 I've had a quiet one today, the most exciting thing I've achieved is to whip up a stash of flapjacks for OH.
I used this recipe from British recipes and was surprised to learn they are actually pretty good for you. So naturally I ruined that by adding a blob of chocolate on each one from some old chocolate coins no one had eaten from Christmas last year.
 It's kept DD amused and away from upsetting Baby D, and made OH rather happy as flapjacks are a particular favourite of his.
 At only three ingredients to make a basic batch they are rather a frugal nummy treat.
 Hopefully I will feel a little better tomorrow and blog something nicer lol

x x x

Wednesday 29 August 2012

How many????

 As many of you know I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to taking photos. So I was super pleased to capture this shot of OH, DD and Baby D having some cuddles and kisses on the sofa together. DD is starting to find Baby D less novel as time goes on so the little one is getting some peace at last. DD is a very very attentive big sister.
I've noticed on several of the blogs I follow that folks are all about decluttering at the moment. Well you guys have inspired me to work through some rooms bit by bit and get things in better shape. I'm still very much in recovery so it will small tasks to start with, and up first is the back of our bedroom door.
 This is where I have discovered that I own 4, yes 4 dressing gowns!!! I had completely forgotten about 2 of them lol.
 * The white fleece one was a present for my last birthday and is my usual everyday dressing gown. This one will be staying.
* The pink towelling dressing gown is from when I had DD and wanted a "disposable" gown for the hospital. It has a few stains and marks so I wouldn't want to donate it, but I'm wondering if I can cut it up or use it for some crafty endeavour. Any ideas?
* Moo cow fleece dressing gown. Another present but can't remember when and why, it's lovely a soft with a really snuggly hood but it's very very short. Mini skirt short! I feel very exposed when I am wearing it and as such have barely ever used it. This one is headed for the donation bin or the craft pile with the pink one if I can find something to do with them.
* Silky summer dressing gown. This was a bargain from a local charity shop last summer when I was looking for a light gown for hot summer evenings. Although this year hasn't brought it into use much I will be stashing it with some summer dresses i the vague hope that next year is warmer.

 So my collection of dressing gowns will be halved in short order. Only the white one will be returning to the back of the door to live with OH's grey version. And I have some googling to do to try and find a use for the other two. If you have any ideas or links please feel free to pop me a comment  :)

x x x

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Baby D has landed

 Baby D
22.08.12 @ 11.31pm by Emergency section
Weighs a whopping 8lbs 12oz 

  It's been quite an adventure thanks to issue from my previous section scar causing the emergency section but it's what needed to be done at the time and in my opinion totally worth it. I was originally released on Friday afternoon but lasted a grand total of 4 hours at home before needing to return via ambulance for 2 nights due to some complications. However I am now on the mend, though it is a slow gently path to recovery, and falling more deeply in love with Baby D every second.
Expect to see a lot more of this chunky monkey in the coming days, we are all hopelessly besotted!

x x x

Monday 20 August 2012


 Sorry I haven't blogged for a while. Life and late pregnancy is getting in the way big time here at The Frugal Handmade Home. I seem to be spending all my time going to medical appointments or cleaning random things in the house.
 With my due day official 7 days away now things are getting exciting. Every morning I wake up thinking "Is today the day?"

x x x

Monday 13 August 2012

Aren't Uncles great?

  Last weekend while we still having our Internet and netbook issues my brother very kindly offered to take DD out for day. He arranged to go to our favourite zoo with a friend of his and another little girl she knew. We sent her off with her buggy and a backpack full of a yummy packed lunch and supplies. He also borrowed the camera and caught some lovely snaps of DD while she was off adventuring.
I love the expression on her face in this one, she looks amazed and awed.
Nothing like acting like a mature adult is their Uncle lol.
A quick stop for lunch on a sunny picnic bench.
 This photo of the two of them together is fantastic. I have put it straight onto the digi photo frame.
And the proof of a busy day out. She slept like a log when she got home, saying that so did poor old Uncle who has declared it the most tiring thing he has ever ever done. And he ran a 10k race last year!

x x x

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Friday 10 August 2012

Back with a Giveaway not a bang.

  I am officially back in Blogging land today thanks to a speedy repair of my netbook and Internet connection.
 I can't wait to read through everyone's adventures and catch up with all of your goings on. Things have been pretty quiet here at the Frugal Handmade Home as we are rapidly approaching due date for the bump.

  I am astounded to announce that I am (at time of this post) on an amazing 10577 views! So as a big thank you to everyone who has ever visited, commented or linked to me, I am holding a cupcake giveaway. Everything in the above photo will be posted to one lucky person who comments on this post by Tuesday morning.  The goodies include a notebook, pen, rubbers and pencil set all in glorious cupcake colours. Good Luck everyone :)
And here is a sneak peak of one of the things I have been up to with all this free time I've discovered away from the Internet. I will be posting about the finished article very soon.

x x x

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Brief (hopefully) hiatus

 Hey all

 Just a quick post to let you all know that I am fine and well. I'm having not only Internet issues but also my netbook has had to be sent off for repair so I really can't win at the moment :(


Thursday 2 August 2012

Cooking lunch with DD

 It's been a weepy day here at the Frugal Handmade home so OH has taken an impromptu day off. We have given the flat a nice tidy, caught up with some jobs that were annoying/worrying me (IE making up the cot ready for bump etc) and making a lovely lunch together as a family. All of which has been peppered with pep talks  along the lines of "yes we will be fine with another one", "You are not a rubbish mum, you are a tired pregnant mum" and " Of course we can cope"
  For lunch we cooked half a pack of cheapy pasta  (20p) a lurking cupboard sausage (£1), a big tin of sweetcorn (30p) and a tin of chicken and mushroom soup (18p). Total for meal was £1.68 possibly £2 once you add in cooking, but there is enough for 2 adults and a toddler for today and tomorrows lunch. At less than 35p a plate you can't complain.

 While the pasta is cooking, we give DD the other ingredients in a bowl to stir and stir and stir. Suspiciously there becomes less and less sausage as the stirring continues and once dinner is served DD seems already half full!

 Once the pasta is cooked we drain it, add the bowl of other ingredients and heat it all up again. Once nice a hot, we whack it on a plate, sprinkle it with a bit of cheese and munch it while watching Only Fools and Horses on Gold.

And once the washing up is done and the leftovers packed away ready for tomorrow, you play in the park in the sunshine with lots of bubbles and a football.

x x x

P.S Look out for a special giveaway on here soon, I have almost hit my first 10,000 views and feel like celebrating.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

The Great British Blog Hop

 The blog challenge was to papercraft something on the theme of "Something British" set by the wonderful Sunshine Reflections. And here is a joint entry from DD and me! Nothing is more British than a good old stamp and I had a huge pile of them in the crafty stash that just begged for use. After a little bit of brain storming I also came up with the idea of a Union Jack which is also pretty British. Put the two ideas together and voila! A Union Jack made from British stamps. I really like the way the colours have worked out in this piece. I have given it several coats of PVA to protect it and make it quite sturdy and currently it is being displayed with pride on DD's homeschool wall. 

I've really enjoyed doing something different craft wise and I must admit I found myself quite stumped to come up with something for the longest time. It was, as always, a joy to include DD in the project.

 Please please please pop over and visit the lovely Bernice, The Slow Quilter, AllySam and Angela to see there entries into the Great British Blog hop.