Saturday 28 February 2015

Family meal out (Boast alert!)

I  am not usually someone who boasts about their children. I don't think telling a child they are constantly fantastic and the world's best is healthy. My girls can be regular horrors sometimes and I will be the first to admit that. But.... let me tell you a tale of our family lunch today at the pub.

It started off on a bit of a downer, a 25 minute wait for a table but the waiter gave the girls paper and crayons to appease them. They drew pictures, chatted to bar staff and played on mummy's phone really nicely the whole time. So already we were doing well, bored children do not mix well with pub meals.
 We were sat in the family section next to several other family's.  The ones directly behind us had been seated about five minutes before and were deciding their order. There was two boys about 15 
and 10-12, and their parents. The youngest boy was loud and rude. Declaring the entire menu "shit" and demanding to go elsewhere to eat.

We ordered our food quickly (having chosen whilst waiting) and whisked the girls to the salad cart before they picked up to many of his choice phrases and language. 
The girls choose a nice selection each of salady things and a bread roll with butter. They sat at the table beautifully, eating with knife and fork (and ketchup. But you get away with ketchup on salad when your four lol). They thanked the waiter when he passed them their drinks without prompting, DD didn't like something she'd picked and just pushed it to the side of the bowl and said she'd just leave it there. 

When our meals came they ate them nicely, asked politely to be passed yet more ketchup etc. Happily swapped some of their dinners so we could all try everyone's food. DD is a slow eater who likes to rest part way through a big meal and she played on my phone quietly while we carried on. After about ten minutes she continued eating almost clearing everything.
At pudding there was more pleases and thank yous to the staff, ice creams eaten nicely (if messily! But pubs insist on serving it in towering glass vase type dishes). They ate until they were full and politely pushed their remainder away. 
The only time a loud noise came from our table was when the ketchup bottle made an unfortunate noise (you know the one) and the girls giggled. 
They were impeccable, and a delight to eat with, other tables commented on how well behaved they were and that our children were a credit to us. I was on cloud 9!

The other table? Screamed, shouted, swore, argued with each other and the staff. The youngest boy had something he didn't like the taste off and spat it on the floor, followed by the contents of his salad bowl. The server had food snatched from their hands and told how slow and useless they were, how bad the food was etc. 
The two boys would randomly leave the table throughout the whole meal in huffs and storm outside until one of the parents retrieved them. 
During desert the youngest son actually struck his poor mother in face over something (I was trying not to notice them and keep the girls distracted, DD naturally found them fascinating!)
They paid and left about 15 minutes before anyone else in a hail of "too effing expensive" and  "never taking you out again". 

The entire section breathed a sigh of relief as they departed. Probably the staff to, who had to clear a table full of half chewed piles of food (youngest son again)

Now I don't know their story, the son may have had a behaviour problem etc or something that would explain some things.....but I  do know that we were so proud of our girls we took them to Asda on the way home and let them pick a treat each as a reward for their good behaviour.
DD commented a few times in the car that "you don't hit people do you mummy?" and "we were very good girls mummy".  She had obviously studied them somewhat, but had known by her own moral compass that you shouldn't copy their example. 

I'm so proud of them both. Today I feel like a good parent, that I am raising my girls right and making a mental note to remember this day forever as evidence for days when I don't feel so confident.

X x X

Friday 27 February 2015

Thank you Froogs!!!

A rather exciting and colourful parcel arrived at my door this afternoon.
It was packed with love and care and colour for Baby Random.

Just look at those gorgeous patterns and colours!
The entire thing demands snuggly cuddles and tummy time on the floor surrounded by rattles and baby toys.

Even the reverse is beautiful!
Froogs, thank you so much for sharing your quilting talents with us once again
You are truly fabulous and the Random's love you!

Xx X 

The sun is shining.... I'm saying sod the housework and sitting in a patch of sunshine with some knitting for DD'S birthday present stash.

And a pregnant lady sized cheese salad to pick at for snacking.

Do not expect much to happen in the Random house today.

X x x

Thursday 26 February 2015

My Super 6 challenge

Each fortnight on a Thursday after knitting club, I visit my local Aldi to check out the newest Super six offers. Today there was beetroot, celery, broccoli, aubergine, lettuce and chillies  for 39p each.
 Normally I would only buy the celery and broccoli from this selection but I am determined to expand my food horizons and get some extra vitamins into this family after our winter full of illness.
The only thing I didn't buy were the Chillies, we aren't spicy food fans and I have some homegrown dried ones in stock.

I have, however, never knowingly eaten aubergine  (or eggplant for my stateside readers). 
I don't really know much about them at all, but a quick Google search has found This recipe
I think Aubergine pizza should be an easy one to tempt the kids to eat, hubby will just have to be a big brave boy and try it.
I am hoping to give it a go tomorrow or Saturday depending on tiredness levels from the first week back at school.
I'll let you know how it turns out.

X x x

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Back to routine.

Apologies for my lack of posting yesterday, first day back at school is always hectic. 
DD was a little bit tearful yesterday morning but soon distracted with the important job of handing out her birthday invites. Fingers crossed we get some RSVPs shortly.
DD was in a gorgeous mood all day and just kept getting cuter and cuter all day. She dropped her juice when we were in the car and told us it was "goned f'ever" complete with pouty face and crossed arms.
 Hubby had his last day off work, and spent the morning pottering about getting his uniform for work organised and cutting his hair.
  I have successfully swapped some wool through Facebook and am making DD a knitted bag for her birthday. I'm hoping to have enough left over to make a little matching purse and tissue holder.
 Baby Random was checked out by the midwife and is still happy and behaving in my tummy. I however have failed my third attempt at a blood test and been referred to the hospital for the next attempt. No one is sure quite what I run on but the general consensus is that it isn't blood!

  X x X

Monday 23 February 2015

Squeeze it in.

Baby D has fallen asleep this evening in record time, in fact it happened half way through dinner poor thing. So myself and DD decided to squeeze in one last mummy-daughter activity before school starts tomorrow. 

We decided it would be best to do a yummy activity together so we busted out some popping corn.

DD loves trying to guess when it will start popping, and watching it dance around inside the saucepan as it explodes.
We made a huge bowl worth to share with Daddy, and  there is plenty left for an after school snack tomorrow.
Not a bad end to half term at all

X x x

Sunday 22 February 2015

Cheering things up!

I  was starting to get cabin fever today after days of being indoors. We bundled ourselves up in our coats and shoes and had a little walk over the bridge to the local garden centre. 
I took my voucher with me just in case we spotted any bargains, and it's a good thing I did!

This lovely little bucket of Narcissus was reduced down to just £2! The first few flowers have gone over but there are several about to emerge and some not even in bud yet. I'm hoping they stagger themselves over the next few weeks. 

I peeped under the £2 sticker to find out the original price and was flabbergasted to see £11.99 on the sticker! I certainly wouldn't have paid that for it.
Although I suppose you do have to factor in the fact you now have life long Narcissus bulbs. 

I also picked up a punnet of Lobelia for £1. Reduced from £5.99 I couldn't resist! 

I  have seen a few pins on Pinterest of tiered pot displays. I had a dig in the shed to find some stashed pots and found two that might suit. 
The top layer has four poundshop Hyacinths in it and the bottom layer has half of the Lobelia. I've popped it outside by the front door for now but will bring it in overnight should it look frosty.
Fingers crossed it will look beautiful and full of blooms shortly.

X x X

Friday 20 February 2015

Pajama Day

Two poorly little ladies and a tired Daddy who spent half the night up with them, has meant today has been declared jammy day.
Movies, easy food and lazing around were the rules of the day.

 This is about the only thing I got done all day. Three random balls of pompom wool from my immense (though shrinking slightly) stash have started a nice blanket project. I  often see balls of pompom wool in the local 99p shop and plenty in the charity shop craft bins so this project should grow regularly over the summer into a cozy winter throw.

X x x

Thursday 19 February 2015

A trip to the hairdresser.

Today was my morning at knit and natter, followed by our Christmas meal out. You might think it's a bit late in February,  but trust me when I say it is a big improvement on previous years.
So today was declared Daddy daughters day. One of the jobs we wanted to get done this half term was getting the girls haircut. 

DD choose to have her cute bob haircut again. All I need to do in the mornings now is brush, spray and clip! Definitely a time saver and super cute to boot.

Diddy  had her cut quite short but it will soon grown out on her. Already her hair looks thicker just having lost all the last baby fine bits.

Her hair has also darkened as she's aged and is now much more like her sisters. 
Both are still struggling with their cough and colds so after the haircut we popped them back home for a rest. Both of them napped for a good hour.
Our last job before school starts is new shoes for DD.

X x x

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Mummies little astronaut.

While I've been downstairs tending to two poorly and grumpy girls, hubby has been upstairs  working away like a bust little  bee. He's  screwed, arranged, painted, decaled and generally beautified.
And what had all this hard work created?

The perfect nursery area for Baby Random. All I need to do is source a cheap changing unit and it's ready. And in plenty of time for lots of rearranging and sorting (I nest a phenomenal amount in my third trimester).

Didn't Daddy do well?

It's been a long 48 hours

On Monday  we decided to visit a local zoo but unfortunately it decided to  rain cats and dogs from the moment we bought our tickets. We spent the next four hours scurrying from animal house to animal house. If there wasn't somewhere to shelter we ignored that animal and moved on to the  next. The hothouse was particularly plesent to visit, we popped in whenever we got to cold. 
All four of us were cold, wet and miserable by home time. That evening the coughs and sniffles began :(
Poor D seems to have come off worse, she's  still not the strongest health wise from her illness last year. Last night she woke up in bed and frightened us by acting oddly (a major thing we've been warned to watch for) and very feverish. We skipped calling NHS direct and Hubby popped her up to A&e. 
They think it's just a virus and recommended fluids and calpol I'm  also boosting up the families fruit and veg  intake so we all boost up on vitimins to keep us healthy. It's been one bug after the other since Christmas. And I am determined to fight us back to good health. 
X X x

Thursday 12 February 2015

Another one!?!?! 5/12

I finished this beast of a cardigan for DD yesterday.  It's knitted in Sidar Denim ultra chunky on 10mm needles so it took almost no time at all. 
The pattern however lied to me and asked for 10 balls to complete this size, I only used 5 and the tinyest amount from ball 6 for sewing up. I've tried putting the extra balls on a facebook wool swapping page so fingers crossed I can exchange the surplus for a new project.
For my next knitting project I am working on some socks for the girls as the sock monster seems to have decimated the stockpile. I'm aiming to make them three pairs each but classing it as one project.  Otherwise I think it's cheating and I am already racing ahead on the creative project count.

X x x

Wednesday 11 February 2015

DD's learning basket

Things haven't really changed here but I did get a lovely night sleep.  Plus the added bonus of a little lie in thanks to a kind hubby. With my new found energy I decided to put together a little basket of homeschooling bits for DD.
The yellow cards come from Dd's school who are fabulous at sharing resources with anyone who wants to co educate from home. The white cards we spotted in the pound shop. One pack covers phonics and the other basic sight words. 
I've invested in a hole punch and put each set on a keyring to avoid loosing any. Imagine not being able to recognise the letter k because you lost the card lol.

I've also popped in a few first reading books, a wipe clean writting book,  a notebook for practising in and a pack of foam dominoes. For every task she tries from the basket DD gets a sticker on her chart and of course a nice reward once it's filled up.
I'm hoping it will give her a little boost with her reading and writing over the next few weeks.
It's given me a little boost to, always a nice feeling to complete a little project. 

X x X

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Life is busy....

There's been a lot going on the past few days and quite frankly I'm knackered.  
A good friend of ours has been having some medical issues which has left us on standby for  emergency babysitting day and night.  
DD has been off colour a few days with whatever new bug they are sharing this week in the classroom.  Half term can't come fast enough, the poor thing needs a rest.
Baby D and Hubby have the sniffles. Not quite enough to knock them off their feet but both are significantly slower this week as they battle on through it.
Add on this week's worth of school events and meetings,  midwife appointments, school and preschool runs,  arranging workmen for the house and trying to get the decorating finished.

I need a good old fashioned early night (and less heartburn, but let's be realistic! )


Sunday 8 February 2015

A distracting trip out.

Our landlord/lletting agent have finally come to an agreement and yesterday work was started on the ceiling hole on our kitchen.  I am so pleased it's going to be finished before the baby gets here.  It did mean we needed to get the kids out of the house to let the their jobs in peace.  Nothing is as curious as a four year old!
We decided  to make use of our farm pass again and visit the animals for a few hours. 

We enjoyed memeeting this rather cheeky goat who kept blowing raspberries. Not sure where he'd learnt it but every child nearby fell in love with him once he started. 
 We also visited the butterfly house, it's only open six weeks a year so we will be popping back to see it again during the half term break. 

It made for a very pleasant morning out and as I packed drinks from home it was a free visit all round. I love having free access to the farm this year, definitely one of the best family Christmas presents we've ever received! 


Wednesday 4 February 2015

Valentine's blog swap reveal

Just look at all these lovely goodies ready to unwrap. Except for the chocolates (very wise! Never get between a pregnant lady and her chocolate), every thing was wrapped in gorgeous purple tissue and pink ribbon. Definitely popping that into the girls crafting stash :)

 A big delicious box of heart shaped chocolates. I'm already liking this swap a lot!

 A cute cross stitch kit to make up. I love making little cross stitch cards for people, I don't have the patience for larger pieces. I might tuck this into my bag for all the hospital waiting rooms I'm due to sit in shortly.

A heart themed bath bomb. Looking forward to using this shortly :)

  A box of miniature wooden pegs. I'm thinking these would be so sweet to put up some of the girls drawings in the playroom. And perhaps keep a few of Baby S's tiny socks and bootees together.

 Some long heart topped pins, perfect for piecing together my knitting projects! They are the perfect length and the various colours will stop them getting lost in the wool!
 The knitted heart hanger is super cute, and matches in with my purple living room beautifully. It is currently hanging on my bureau.

 I can't wait to come up with something crafty to do with this lovely ribbon.

And last but not least a jar of heart shaped buttons. With two girly girls in the house they will be extremely useful (If i can just get them back from DD who is currently threading them onto embroidery thread).

Thank you so much Joanna for my lovely gifts. Every single one is perfectly suited to me and you have obviously read my blog and researched me. I will even forgive you for sending it in a recycled beer box! You have no idea how much this lady is craving a tall cold pint, especially after a dry Christmas. 

X x X

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Today's ramblings

We had a beautiful dusting of snow this morning to wake up to. The whole lot had  thawed by lunch, much to DD's sorrow. She was desperate to make a snowman after school. 
I have an inkling we may be in for some more yet so hopefully she won't be disappointed for long. 

With the chill lasting throughout the day and a voucher for a free hot drink in cafĂ© nero, Baby D and I couldn't resist sharing a delicious hot chocolate. I got most of the drink, D covered the cream and chocolate sprinkles.  I don't think it will be long until I am buying her her own cup. 

X x X

Monday 2 February 2015

Strike a pose

I mmanaged to get a nice photo of Baby D wearing her new cardigan today. Thank you for all the kind comments you left on yesterday's post.  I'm really proud of how far my knitting skills have come in the past few years. There is something magical about turning one long strand of wool into a wearable piece of clothing.  
I hope to share my next project with you all soon. I'm just waiting on a pair of loaned needles to arrive in the post from a knitting friend.

In the meantime I have been putting the finishing touches to my swap partners swap box for the wonderful Send a little love swap hosted by Mad about bags. 
I am popping in the post in the morning after the school run so it arrives in plenty of time before the deadline. 

X x X