Sunday, 8 February 2015

A distracting trip out.

Our landlord/lletting agent have finally come to an agreement and yesterday work was started on the ceiling hole on our kitchen.  I am so pleased it's going to be finished before the baby gets here.  It did mean we needed to get the kids out of the house to let the their jobs in peace.  Nothing is as curious as a four year old!
We decided  to make use of our farm pass again and visit the animals for a few hours. 

We enjoyed memeeting this rather cheeky goat who kept blowing raspberries. Not sure where he'd learnt it but every child nearby fell in love with him once he started. 
 We also visited the butterfly house, it's only open six weeks a year so we will be popping back to see it again during the half term break. 

It made for a very pleasant morning out and as I packed drinks from home it was a free visit all round. I love having free access to the farm this year, definitely one of the best family Christmas presents we've ever received! 



  1. plus it did keep your kids out of mischief. Did they fix your hole in the ceiling then?

  2. Oooh a Farm pass, how lovely!
    I think I need one if those! :)


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