Monday 30 May 2011

Staunton Park Part 1

Today we had a really lovely day out at Staunton Country Park. We visited both the park and the farm, and took an incredible amount of photos during our visit. So I have split the best ones in to two post to pop on here. First up is the Park side. Every few steps along the path we followed had such beautiful views and things to discover. Their are lots of follies in the park to discover like Shell House and a refurbished Victorian stables to look at. Here are a few of my favorite shots from today.

A sneak peek into a cow field next to the parks main path.
A glorious view of Stauntons lake from the top the hill. This is where we sat with our picnic.

DD has lots of lovely soft grass to explore, we let her crawl about to her hearts content after our picnic.

DD was particularly impressed with the range of sticks on offer and proceed to make a lovely little collection during her crawl about.

x x x x

Sunday 29 May 2011

Yesterday Haul

I've been having a look today at all the lovely leaflets and things I was given at the Havant Go Green thing yesterday. Here is a few highlights;

  • Lot of information about Staunton Country Park - we are planning a trip there tomorrow with a picnic to investigate.
  • 8 yummy recipe cards ranging from pickled onions to sloe gin
  • A "Fun with fungi" booklet, full of fascinating info. I've always been tempted to forage for mushrooms but not sure if I have the confidence to try.
  • A huge magnet for my fridge that lists what can and can't be added to the recycling bin
  • A leaflet about a community quilt which is being put together by the Havant Transition Network. (Super interested in this one)
  • Wikaniko catalogue. They are an eco friendly/ethical home shopping company
  • A local map showing cycle routes in Havant and local area. Really useful!!!
  • Lots a water saving info leaflets and a shower timer.
  • Stickers and a really cute dormouse poster from the woodlands trust
I've really enjoyed reading through it all and learning about my local area. The best thing of the lot though is definitely the map which I will be tucking into my handbag :)

x x x

Saturday 28 May 2011


Last night OH and I went out to the circus in Southsea. I still had my camera in my bag from the day before, so while we waited for the show to begin we snapped a few shots of Southsea.
Above is the war memorial on Southsea common. It is sooooooo beautiful and completely huge!!! Well worth a quick look if you are in the area.
A closer view of the very top. So beautiful.
This is the view of the big top from the other side of the common, we parked this side because it was free. Along with the free circus tickets and the 2 cans of Diet Coke we treated our selves to this night out cost us about £1 plus a little bit of petrol.
Today me and my lovely friend Cass went to the Havant Go Green Fair. It was really interesting and I had so many lovely informative chats with some of the stall holders. The photo above is of one of the entertainers, it isn't the best photo ever I'm afraid but he was absolutely brilliant :)

This was the view from one end of the Fair. As you can see there was plenty of stall to look at and lots of delicious local produce to sample, and a couple on a stall of coppice crafts showing how they made various things. I have a huge bag of freebies and leaflets to go through, but I'm going to wait till to tomorrow when I'm not so tired out lol.
x x x

Thursday 26 May 2011

Our afternoon.

Today I spent a lovely afternoon with my best friend and her lovely family. We were very kindly invited round to celebrate an Uncle's birthday and you know us, any excuse for cake and a natter. DD spent all afternoon playing with her little friend Holly and exploring a new place kept her quite entertained for hours. The photo above is DD's very first steps with a walker.
This is after our enormous sausage and chips dinner. And as you can see from the evidence baked beans were a part of the meal.
A quiet five minutes on the sofa to let our dinners settle before a crawl around the garden to find some pretty stones and hunt for bugs.

It was such a lovely afternoon and I really felt part of the family while I was there. The best things in life really are free eh?
x x x

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Today's bargins

As some of you may know I volunteer a few hours each week in my church's charity shop. One of the perks of helping out is having first pickings over all the goodies that are kindle donated. And today was no exception. All of these have been added to my holiday stuff stash except the castanets which DD is happily playing with as I post. Once she's lost interest I will add them to her music/noisy toys box.
At this time of year the charity shop is always packed to the rafters with donations coming in thick and fast as people spring clean and decide to revamp their decor and wardrobes. In the current economic climate its wonderful to see how many people still bear in mind those worse off than themselves and continue to donate to charity.

Peacock Fan - FREE (due to slight damage)
Travel size body lotion - 10p
Travel size Bath Soak - 10p
A pair of Castanets (half pictured)- 20p
Beautiful Paisley Dress - 50p (Due to slight mark which came out in the wash)
(Not Pictured) Infant Swim Seat - 50p
Total - £1.50p

Monday 9 May 2011

Back again

Hello to all my bloggy friends.
I am attempting this blog entry on my Kindle so please forgive me it looks a bit odd and quirky. Our official internet connection will begin on Thursday but I just couldn't wait that long. We have officially been in our new home a week now and the boxes are almost clear. Rooms are nbegining to take rough shape and I really can't wait to delve into organising and arranging them all but I won't allow myself to start untill every box is finished. I can' wait to hare all my crafty ideas with you.
x x x