Monday 29 November 2021

Monday's moneysaving


 I woke to a living room that smells of Lilys this morning. I was kindly given them on Friday with my food parcel from a community food scheme. They often have bunches of flowers to hand out, but I've never been close enough to the front of the queue to get one before. Not one of the flowers were out when I received them but one flower has opened each day since. They make me smile each time I pass them or catch their scent. 

 Today's dinner was vegan meatballs and veggies cooked in the slow cooker. It came out quite sweet and Mediterranean as I had onions, tomatoes and peppers to use up. Dessert was chocolate mousse.

My day was mostly spent tackling the clean laundry mountain that needed sorting, folding and putting away. It's quite a task for a family of 7 as you can imagine but I had Netflix for company. I've watched the first 2 episodes of Hell Bound. It's quite odd but I think I'll stick with it for a few episodes more.

When I've been taking a break from the laundry I've been unravelling a knitted sleep sack Baby C has grown out of. I've saved the buttons and zip for future projects too. There should be enough yarn to make her a nice cardigan or jumper. It feels good to reuse and recycle. 

 This evening I will take a bath and read a few more chapters of my current book "The devil aspect by Craig Russell". Its quite a good read but it hasn't really gripped me yet. I'll plod on a little longer before I decide on finishing it or not though. I don't think my low mood is helping me concentrate any.

 I will finish the evening by stitching a few more masks. So far no emails cancelling everything though, so that's a small positive. 

 Take care dear readers.

X x X

Sunday 28 November 2021



 We attended a lovely 1st birthday party today. It was full of balloons, cake, party games and little paper cups of neon coloured fizzy drinks. We all got to forget the news reports for a few hours and just enjoy good company. The father of the birthday girl took a beautiful photograph of us all together. It's been too long since we had a group photo. Haven't they all grown since the last one? 

 Under the smiles though I'm struggling a bit. I'm feeling quite angry to be honest. I'm angry that tomorrow will be filled with emails cancelling school Christmas events that we were looking forward too. I'm angry that the coming days and weeks will be spent constantly checking for the latest news announcements. I'm angry my youngest may loose her first proper Christmas after last years non-event. 

 I understand why of course and I accept that that is just the way things might have to be, but I don't have to like it. Instead I will spend my next few evenings making a fresh batch of facemasks while chewing on my lip nervously waiting for news alerts. I will try and get as many Christmas errands run as possible before the world possibly gets paused again. I will plaster a happy smile over my face and tell the children "we'll do it next year" or "next year's will be twice a big to make up for it" and hope that's true.

 And I will make the best of it because that is what us Mother's and Wives do.