Thursday 5 August 2021

Forest fun


We had our second forest fun day on Wednesday. It proved to be just as fun as the first one. 
We made rice cake owls, journey sticks, dens in the forest and decorated tote bags.

The children all got to make fruit smoothies on the bike blender again which everyone was pleased about. Although they attracted the wasps something terrible thanks to the apple juice they contained. 
Lunch was pasta bolognaise and much easier to eat with the forks we bought from home. 

I remembered to bring some freezer bags with me in case I could rescue some leftover fruit.
The lady running the food activity said she was pleased to see me again and gave me a big bucket of leftover pears. You can imagine how much fun it was to get a bucket of pears home on the bus with a buggy, sleepy toddler, 3 tired older children and lots of slightly wet painted tote bags. Somehow we managed it 😂

Once home and settled I weighed the pears. 8.5lbs! 
3lbs were chopped, soaked in lemon and sugar over night with the hope of making jam. Sadly the pears were just too ripe to set so we now have a chunky pear compote instead but the jars have all sealed well so they will make good fillings for crumble or added to porridge and custard. 
The rest will be processed tomorrow as I could only fit 3lbs in the preserving pan. 
The few remaining pears will make a tasty pear and chocolate crumble.

X x X


Monday 2 August 2021

Rest and recovery


 We have sadly been hit with a very polite tummy bug. Why polite? Because it has very kindly taken down one person a day meaning it's been a lot easier to cope with rather than everyone poorly as once. Today is Gman's turn as he was the last man standing. 

 As we've been sick we haven't done much other than a lot of movies, naps and video games. Today though I spotted a lovely idea on Pinterest when looking for eggbox crafts. There's a pond for swiming and falling in, though I'm told a crocodile lives in there! A grassy mound to rest on when tired, and a tree to climb to escape the pond crocodile (of course!) You may even notice that one of our monkeys is also a Princess with a little crown to prove it because "monkey's do be princess's you know!"  

 Hopefully our little playset will keep everyone amused for a day or two 🥰

X x X