Saturday, 3 November 2018

Pumpkin Fun

It's the season of cheap pumpkins and just the right weather for some soup.
I picked up 4 pumpkins yesterday in Waitrose for 20p each. One has been turned into a vat of pumpkin and carrot soup.

The shells were given to the kids to play with and the seeds roasted. That's the best thing about pumpkins not a bit is wasted! My 20p travels a long way.

After feeding us all for lunch and 2 of the neighbours children who were playing in our garden, I've frozen 6 portions and left enough in the fridge for lunch tomo if DH isn't hungry when he gets home.

Tomorrow I'm onto pumpkin two and hoping to attempt some Pumpkin Gnocchi!

Any other pumpkin recipes I should try?

X x X

Friday, 2 November 2018

The great poke cake experiment

I keep having a poke cake video appearing on my Pinterest searches. Having seen it so many times I decided to give it a go.
First I made my usual traybake recipe then while it cooled poked it with lots of small holes using the end of a spoon.

Next I made up a pint of strawberry jelly using 50/50 boiling and cold water, then poured it all over the cake slowly letting it soak into the holes.
Once the jelly has been absorbed I added a topping of icing and some decorations.
Then the whole thing pops into the fridge to chill for a few hours.

We tried our first few  slices after dinner. Overall its been a success as every one agreed  it tastes wonderful, however we also all agree its just far to wet! 
My second attempt will be made with 1/2 pint of  jelly mix to see if that makes things better. It should also make the jelly taste stronger I think.
I'll let you know how round two goes shortly.

Have  you tried any new recipes lately?

X x X

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Halloween dinner

We wanted to surprise the children with a fun Halloween themed dinner before they went out to go trick or  treating.
I decorated the table with brown packing  paper saved from amazon orders and decorated my cake stand with mini donuts, Halloween themed sweets and small plastic insects.
DH put the disco bulb up and found a playlist of kid friendly Halloween songs to play as we ate.

For our main meal we had pumpkin burgers, which are regular burgers with american style cheese squares on top. DH did all the cutting out while I set the table. We served them on burger buns and let the children turn them into gruesome faces by using ketchup to decorate them.
We finished the meal by pulling Halloween crackers together, I found a five pack in Poundland and just couldn't resist them.
All in all its been a cheap and cheerful Halloween.

How did your Halloween go?

X x X

Halloween morning

Halloween hadn't got off to the best start for me. During the night I knocked my glasses off my bedside table and one of the arms fell off.
The school run was both hilarious and frustrating. The children and Tom teased me something terrible of course. "Did you see that mum? Ha ha!. "Quick look! There's an elephant over there!" 
My hero of the day is the nice man in Vision Express who not only fixed them for free but also gave them a really thorough clean in his fancy machine. 
While he was sorting them out we took a little wander into a few charity shops and such.

I spent 50p on the most amazing Christmas book! Each day of advent has a little piece of a nativity scene to make out of household odds and ends as well as a homemade gift idea or craft to make.
I'm looking forward to trying it out with the children.

I also found some 10p DVDs I fancied the look of in Cash Converters. At 10p each I don't mind passing them on after I've watched them to friends and family. 
Usually I  don't buy any films as there's more than I could ever watch on Sky and Netflix ect but hey, the price was right so why not.

X x X

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Use it or loose it

I need to make some room on the bookshelf for some new books I recieved for my birthday.
The photo above is a set I was given last Christmas and still haven't read! So I'm giving myself the challenge to donate them just before Christmas whether I've read them or not.
I'm hoping it'll encourage me to put my phone down more as well as clearing some space.

Do you have anything left from last Christmas you haven't used yet?

X x X

Monday, 29 October 2018

Home Sweet Home

It's been four days of fun.
We saw amazing sandscultures at Sandworld, and tried to create some of our own.

We met creatures from the deep and learned all about animal conservation at the Sea Life Centre.

We made new friends at the holiday park and enjoyed busting some moves on the dance floor.

We met monkeys, gibbons and orangutans at Monkey World and learned more about primates around the world.

It's been a very busy, very wonderful few days but I'm very glad to see my own bed and enjoy the wonderful invention that is central heating again!

X x X

Friday, 26 October 2018

Off on our jollys

It's time for our annual Sun holiday. 
So far we've survived the drive down, the fight over bedrooms and found the nearest supermarket for toast supplies and teabags.
 Every one was allowed to pack a backpack to take with them. DD1 packed a colouring book, pencil case and diary. Gman stuffed his backpack with toy cars and a colouring book. 
DD2 packed a loaf of bread! Which she'd eaten most off by the time we arrived! 
Luckily the children were given colouring sets with crayons inside as a welcome gift to the park , so she has something to starve off boardom.

Wish me luck it could be a long weekend!

X x X