Sunday, 15 October 2017

It's been one of those days....

I'm writing this sat at my dining table, counting down the minutes until my Hubby walks in the front door.
He has precisely 5 minutes to get himself organised before I disappear to the bedroom for half an hour with some hot tea and my delicious peanut butter treat.
For every 1 thing I've cleaned and tidied today the kids have created 3 new ones....each!
I give up.
Tomorrow when they are all out the house I will roll up my sleeves, pull up my big girl pants and blitz the house. But for now I'm admitting defeat.


X x X

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Freezer clearing part 1

Now I'm up to facing food again, I've rebooted my freezer clearing project. 
I'm working my way through each drawer turning raw ingredients in to meals and using up all the bits and piece.
The list above is the contents of drawer 1.

First I made a supersized pear and chocolate crumble from the free pears DD2s school handed out. DD1 is delighted as pears are her favourite fruit.
Next I made a supersized  apple and BlackBerry crumble. Both have been carefully taste tested for the families approval  before being frozen in double sized portions. 
Each box will either feed the three children or split between me and hubby. (If I'm fast enough)

For lunch I munched through the single portion of soup. It made for a nice change from sandwiches or toasties. 
Then I got to work on a few batches of fruit pies. I dumped all of the  remaining fruit into my jam pan, heating it and turned it into a thick compote.
I've made 48 pies, mostly covered but the pastry ran slightly short. Half have been frozen for later and the rest will be for this weeks lunch boxes and snacks. 

 Phew! Time for a sit down.

X x X

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Another day of bargains

This morning after the school runs Gman and I attended the first of several Macmillon coffee mornings. A lot of places seem to be splitting them over today, tomorrow and Saturday this year. 
Sadly this first one wasn't well attended but every little helps as they say and Gman was gifted a free balloon.
£1 for two homemade cakes and a cup of tea is definitely a bargain.

A quick visit into Waitrose found tomorrow's bargain breakfast. 6 chocolate pastries will make for a delicious easy breakfast.
75p! Another bargain!

And last but not least a trip into Wilko discovered a shelf of heavily reduced dental products.  These toothpastes were only 37p each. So I picked up 6 for home (an estimated years worth) and 6 to donate to the local food bank. At that price they were to good not to share. 

What a great day!

X x X

Monday, 25 September 2017

Prepping for the next apocolypse

According to the Daily Mail and a few other newspapers we are all keeling over from Australian flu this winter. Something to look forward to eh?
While I don't buy into the whole flu pandemic idea, it is a timely reminder that cold and flu season will soon be upon us.

This afternoon I took 15 minutes to pull out the contents of the first aid and medicines shelf.
The first aid box was in pretty good order, I just need to add a new tube of antiseptic cream and some antibac hand gel.
The medicine box was eye opening. Many many out of date products!
I've popped them into a local pharmacy that offers a free disposal service. 
 Tomorrow I'm hoping to pop into town and restock a few things, mostly Lemsip and decongestants. I also need a fresh jar of local honey and a stock of tissues. 
Hopefully we won't need to use them to much 

X x X

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Hubbys new toy

We decided to treat ourselves to a tasty Wetherspoons breakfast this morning. We had an hour to kill between the school run and Tuesday morning rhyme time at the library.
Gman loves his mini fry up just as much as giant clone enjoys his full sized one.

With a few minutes left to spare we popped into Wilko to see what was in the clearance section. It's the time of year when the Christmas stocks begins to arrive so there is plenty to be found. 
Hubby was very pleased to pick up this Christmas light projector. We saw several people using them last year to decorate their homes, and Hubby was really impressed by them. 
You can probably guess what he's playing with in the garden right now lol.

X x X

Monday, 18 September 2017

Little bargains

I popped into Waitrose at just the right time today. I usually pop in on the school run for cheap breakfast pastries. They seem to reduce them about 2pm in the bakery section. 
Today however there was a big trolley of fruits and vegetables to look through as well.
I snaffled;
2x 4 packs of burger bun  80p - reduced to 35p each
Vegetable pack  - £1 - reduced to 35p
Mandarins - £3.50 - reduced to £1.25

Tomorrow I will be making some vegetable soup for lunch, the rolls were eaten tonight with sausages and the mandarins will be popped into lunch boxes and after school snack packs.

I also spotted these sweet little stationary sets in Poundland. (I'm still avoiding poundworld) they are just perfect for popping into the children's stockings. I've popped them into the present cupboard for now but I need to start a notebook to keep track of bits.

X x X