Monday, 16 January 2017

Family Sunday

We spent a wonderful day with my parents on Sunday. 
Nanny had made a tray of cupcakes the day before for the girls to decorate. It was lovely to watch them carefully arranging sprinkles and marshmallows while I enjoyed a hot cup of tea.

DD1 was very proud of her decorated cakes and spent most of afternoon trying to force feed them to Grandad. Not that I noticed him complain much lol.

Today was Majorettes practice. The girls are improving well and their routines are really starting to take shape. Bedtime is a doddle after 2 hours of practice so Hubby and I have started watching a movie once the girls are tucked in. 
It's a lovely way to start the week.


Saturday, 14 January 2017

Angry shopping

Thank you for the kind comments everyone. It's helped me put things a little more in perspective and really appreciate what I have.
I took a walk this afternoon. A stompy clearing my headaughter sort of a walk. Hubby kindly took charge of the children to give me the peace and space I needed.
Trusting that my feet knew where to take me I ended up at the local garden centre so decided to have a little mooch round. 
The post Christmas sale was pretty poor, but the plant clearance was wonderful! I picked up three potted herbs. Sage, Lemon Balm and Thyme. They have joined the Mint and Chives already growing on my kitchen windowsill. 
It certainly made me feel a bit better :)
I'm hoping they may even make me a little extra cash later on from cuttings.  Another little project for the summer months.


School Report Sadness

Yesterday the school reports arrived home. The school is using a new system this year and I found them really disappointing.  
DD1 is not reaching her targets on time, but she never has since the day she started. I've always known it takes her a little longer to have that magical light bulb moment but when she does, she then races ahead. She learns something new slowly and thoroughly but then knows it so well that she can apply it anywhere.
DD2 is turning out to be something of a maths whiz. She has always been one for order and patterns so u can't say we are shocked at the revelation. As a toddler she loved to line things up in size order or straight lines. 
The thing I hates about the reports though, was the complete lack of personalisation. There was no personal statement, no score for effort or improvement. Nothing but numbers and statistics.
It didn't tell me that DD1 is the first child on the scene of a playground accident, helping people up and checking they are okay. It didn't tell me that DD2 is a bit of a perfecrionist in the classroom and gets upset if things are put in the wrong places. She is actually given the nickname "Librarian" in class as she likes all the books to be neat on the shelf together arranged in their bookband colours.
It doesn't tell me that when DD1 reads aloud she gives every character their own voice and acts out all the parts. It doesn't tell me that DD2 much prefers non-fiction to fiction and likes 'real' things far more than imaginary things.
It didn't tell me they have bright sunny personalities or that they are liked in their classes.
It told me nothing but where they ranked in a room of 30 other children with reading, writing and maths. My children are more than that and I'm very annoyed the reports don't show it.
I will bemail speaking to the teachers about it on Monday.


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Thrifty Thursday

I was going to treat myself to some hat kits in a local wool shop today. I'd been thinking about purchasing them for a while but £5.50 was a little to expensive as I wanted 3 kits so the children had a hat each. 
This week the store had a sale on with the hat kits reduced to £3.30 each. I decided to treat myself finally.
When I went to the shop to get them there was already another customer in the shop with a pushchair. It's only a small shop, no way would I get my pushchair in there as well. Luckily I was with a friend who offered to stand  outside  with the buggy while I nipped in. Problem solved. 
 Or not.
The other customers buggy was pushed up against the entrance, the door opened inwards against the buggy so I carefully tried to nudge the buggy back so I could slip into the shop. But the brakes were applied and the door barely opened half an Inch.
So I stood by the window waving to catch the attention of either the customer or the owner. Both looked at me several times as I pointed to the door and the buggy, and promptly ignored me. 
After a few minutes of standing outside the shop feeling a bit miffed another customer arrived, they were also ignored. We both waited a little longer before the newly arrived customer said the owner obviously didn't want our custom and she'd go elsewhere. 
So I followed. Instead of spending  £9.90 in the Yarn shop, I went to pound world and bought 3 balls of their yarn instead. Even better it was 3 for 2. 
Since then Ive found a  free pattern on Ravelry and splurged £1.50 on a pompom maker on Ebay.
Overall I've saved £6.40 and learnt were NOT to shop in future.
Definitely a thrifty Thursday.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Try it Tuesday

I read an interesting blog post a few days ago by Sammy Skint about a new frugal laundry liquid.
When I spotted some in our local branch of Savers I decided to take Sammies advice and give it a try.
It really is just as good as she said! I really like both of the scents, rose being a huge favourite of mine and the peach is a lovely fresh fragrance.  They left everything clean, soft and lightly scented even on a 30° wash. Even Hubbies grubby shirt collars were defeated :)
At just £1 per bottle (currently with 20% extra free) I will certainly be stocking up on these fellas.

 If you are near a Tesco or Savers I recommend you give it a go.


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Movie Night with the Tribe

Last night I had a wonderful evening out with my girl pals. We call ourselves a Tribe as we always in touch with each other and support each other in pretty much everything.
As you can probably guess we all had the time of our lives lol.
It's quite funny how a film can change as you get older. We all agreed we still liked the movie Dirty Dancing but also that it's actually quite a dark film with some of its themes. 
It was a great night our though with far to many sweet and tempting treats.


Saturday, 7 January 2017

(Window)Sill Saturday

It's looking pretty full on the windowsill at the moment. Opening and closing the curtains is becoming a high risk activity. 

I have 2 amaryllis from Christmas 2015. They've never flowered and have grown quietly on the windowsill for over a year now. Both have now grown baby plants so I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen in the next few weeks. Will they finally bloom? Will the baby plants? Will both? 

On the left is a little pot of leftover spring bulbs from the planter I made. I thought they'd be a little ahead of the bulbs outside but they are actually pretty close in size. 
The centre pot is the amaryllis I was gifted this Christmas. There is already a bud on the plant and you can almost watch it grow it going to fast. 
The metal tin is full of narcissus. It's the tin I bought for £2 a few years back in a garden centre clearance. Every year it's been a delight to watch bloom. 

Finally I have my mystery plant. It was a gift from my parents but I've quite forgotten what it's called. I love the frilly edge of the leaves. 
 Inside the various soda bottle greenhouses are chilli plants. I'm growing them from the free seeds we were given at the New Forest Show last year.
I'm hoping most of them grow and I can use them for trades on freegle and Facebook. Possibly even for sale.

What's growing on your windowsill?