Sunday, 17 December 2017

Festive Family Fun

Finally everyone is healthy and rested enough to go out! 
We started our day with a naughty treat from Greggs and a visit to see Father Christmas. The girls were very happy to hear he'd received their letters safely and had the elves working hard on their requests.
Sadly DD2 didn't want to be in the photograph.

Next we went to a local garden centre to enjoy their Winter Woodland Walk. For many years it has been free but in recent years they have had to start charging due to vandalism. At £2 for adults and £1.20 for children it's still a very affordable place to visit and the effort they put in is incredible. All the money raised is donated to the local neonatal unit which is a nice thought as you walk through. 

They also have reindeer, donkeys, goats and pigs to look as you queue up for the walk. It makes waiting in line so much easier for the children. Especially when the two donkeys were squaring over a bucket and playing tug of war with it. DD2 was trying to scold them for not sharing nicely. 

Finally we risked a quick peek in the Christmas shop. Usually I try to wear blinkers in there as it is all so tempting and pretty expensive. But I couldn't resist these gorgeous little teddy bear jars! I bought 3 at £1.99 each to fill with jelly beans for the children. They'd be lovely to bring out each year and tuck into the stockings, a good investment I think.

I'm feeling really festive now after today and I'm so pleased we fitted in some festive fun together after all the germs and yuck of last

Merry Christmas readers 
X x X

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Long ginger hair tied with a bow.

Poor Aurora! Shes been played with so much over the past week her yellow spotty bow has come off. 
We love reading Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. We have several of the character toys and DD2 enjoys acting out the story as we read it together. 

Plaiting her hair and sewing her bow back on took only a few minutes, but it's one of those jobs that can easily be forgotten. With soon to be 4 children in the house I don't have any "later" to come back to. I need to start remembering that old adage - "don't put off till tomorrow, that what you can accomplish today"

Definitely wise words.
X x X

Friday, 15 December 2017

It's been a long week...

The two tinys have been suffering a horrible bout of hand, foot and mouth :(
We've not had the pleasure before.
I thought it was chicken pox at first because Gman was the first to show symptoms but then DD2 started and she definitely had chicken pox.
Then while Gman recovered DD2 picked up impetigo and needed antibiotics. All of this has taken a full 7 days. Everyone is tired and grumpy, we've done next to nothing Christmas activity wise other than a few films. 
It's not felt very festive around here at all but hopefully by Monday we will all be rested and healthy once more.

X x X

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas reading

It's been a busy but lovely day. I'm to tired to even attempt being coherent so I'm off to bed with a festive read.
Let's hope it doesn't inspire me 😂

X x X

Monday, 4 December 2017

How much?

I popped into Waitrose on the school run for a quick peek at the reduced shelf. I found it stuffed full of these Chocolate and orange pots. They looked quite inticing and I loved the little pink ceramic pots they came in. Similar to Gü puddings but much more generous portions.

At 35p each I snapped up 4 (one each for the children and for me. Poor hubby is working). They were the most delicious and decadent thing  I have eaten in forever! 
I would be highly tempted to buy them again or try others in the range, but then I saw the original price! £2 each! 
My 4 puddings tonight should have cost £8. That's crazy! But rest assured I will be snapping them up if any others are reduced to less than 50p each. Possibly a single full priced one for my birthday lol.

X x X 

Messy Hair, don't care!

I usually make my own detangler spray, not only does it cost a lot less than store bought , I can also add a few drops of tea tree oil for headlice protection. 
However today we hit a small disaster. I dropped the bottle when I picked it up and a very cold plastic bottle does not mix well with a very cold tiled bathroom floor! 
So I have picked up a replacement from the pound shop so we can start again. I've tested it out on my own hair and it's certainly done the trick. The fruity scent is a nice change from our usual tea tree scent.
I'm just hoping it meets the approval of the girls. Particularly DD2 whom only let's me brush her hair every few days, if I'm very lucky and the planet's are perfectly aligned. Lol.
I will let you know how I get on.

X x X

Elf update

On the 2nd the Elves brought us some cold cooking to make.

Melted snowmen went down very well with the small people. Om nom nom.

On the 3rd they popped the Christmas tree up for us over night. We found them playing in the branches.

And this morning they had decorated the tree with underpants and left a bucket of  real decorations for us to use after school. 
DD2 told everyone we met on the school run about our underpants tree. She thought it was hilarious!

X x X