Monday, 20 January 2020

The Great Tradwife debate

I've been baking today. Not quite sure what put me in the mood but the children were quite happy to discover a mountain of jam tarts waiting for them after school.
It made me feel a little nostalgic for my posh friend in the old play ground. 
While the tarts were cooking I fell across an article about The Tradwife movement.
I spent a fair while watching various YouTube videos, reading message boards and blog posts about it all. I find the idea pretty fascinating. There's several things that DH and I do that would probably be considered Tradwife.  I am a full time stay at home mum of 4, I do the majority of the cooking, washing and cleaning, DH handles the finances of the family etc.
I wouldn't say I submit to him though, I have my own voice and opinions on things as does he. We don't always agree but we do compromise.
I'm not entirely sure where this puts me on the femanazi to Tradwife scale but I think we might be towards the top of the Tradwife  scale. 
As I said I find it pretty interesting so will continue to look into it. 
What are your thoughts, dear readers?

X x X

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Where's it gone?

I've been on a mission today. The children have requested pancakes instead of dinner this evening, I will happily eat pancakes 24/7 so I was quite happy to agree. 
But we have no squirty cream. And it is in no way acceptable to serve pancakes without it, at least in this household. 
So I popped into town to get some. I looked in all the shops I could think of but couldn't find a single can of squirty cream! Where have they all gone? Did they sell out over Christmas? Were they all recalled? 
On the way home I checked a few more obscure places but still nothing! 
I am going to need to prepare myself for a battle. Wish me luck.

X x X

Friday, 3 January 2020

Out and About

It's all go at Spurrier house today.
First the morning was spent washing everyone's hair and carefully combing for headlice 🤦‍♀️ Everyone was drenched in an over night treatment so hopefully we've stopped it in it's tracks.
I'll be obsessively checking everyone for a while though.
After all that fuss and nonsense they children all needed a good run outside in the fresh air. So I popped to Home Bargains to buy a cheap picnic (£12) while DH loaded them all into the car.  By 1pm we were eating sausage rolls on a picnic bench and watching the tigers at Marwell zoo. After a few hours of running up and down hills plus an epic game of hide and seek in the main playground everyone was suitably out of energy.
On the way home we popped to Asda for a cheap and easy tea of Pizza. We were just in time for the fresh cream cakes to be reduced to we grabbed 2 boxes of split fingers for dessert too.
By the exit was a display of clearance George items. Mostly half price Pudsey pajamas but on the bottom row partially hidden was a lots of children's slippers reduced to a measly £1.
We managed to find pairs to fit 3 of the 4 and as you see above they were all very eager to climb into new cozy slippers. 
Once everyone is in bed I will dig out my trusty permanent marker pen and initial them all to stop fights.

All in all it's been a rather good day.

X x X

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year!

It's officially 2020, Happy New Year everyone 😁
We've spent the day entertaining ourselves on the cheap. In the morning we planted our first crops of 2020. Basil, Chives and Parsley from a herb kit we were gifted, and 3 pots of early sweetpeas also from a set that we were gifted.
New Years Day feels like a good sort of day to get new life started.

Most of the afternoon has been spent creating a box city. Using a roll of brown paper we found and as many empty boxes as we could find and beg from the neighbours.

We have a park, zoo complete with fierce Lion, town hall with a fancy clock tower, tower block (sadly on fire) and a police station...

...a modern looking water fountain, hospital with burns unit for the tower block victims, fire station and a huge airport with roof top parking for helicopters! 
 Goodness knows what we might end up adding tomorrow! It's been wonderful watching the children using their imaginations and creative skills.

 What have you been doing today?

X x C

Monday, 2 December 2019

My name is Sarah and...

...I am a hot drink addict. Weirdly, I would never describe myself as a hot drink drinker, yet the evidence points other wise!
I like to drink a 'posh' coffee after the school run and in the evening once the children have settled but I wouldn't call that excessive.
My hot drinks cupboard was looking ridiculous though having reached the crucial stage of playing jenga with the boxes to select the my chosen drink of the day.

I picked up two grey storage baskets in poundland that fit my sachets and teabags perfectly. Once I'd chucked all the space wasting boxes and tipped the almost empty hot chocolate powder into the newly opened pot, I had a lot more room in the cupboard. I've also added a reminder to my phones shopping list NOT to purchase any more tea and coffee drinks until I've used up most of this lot first.

X x X

Monday, 25 November 2019

It's been hectic!

It's been a crazy few days at Spurrier house. 
DD1 was hugging a friend in the playground, they did that horrible thing where they stand up under your chin, DD1 took a hefty bite to the tongue. Poor thing was pretty miserable for 48 hours.  However yesterday she managed to eat a gigantic carvery dinner without complaint so its definitely on the mend.

DD2 spent most of Wednesday night in the bathroom with a tummy bug. She had Thursday and Friday off school which threw a few plans off but she's been okay this weekend. She's back at school with her bestie today.

Gman has been the best of the bunch. This morning there was a reading cafe session at school. Gman enjoyed reading with Daddy and eating a scary amount of biscuits.

Baby W is teething. It's one of the nasty ones at the back, so there's a lot of dribbling going on. She's also suffering from a really sore nappy rash which isn't making life feel any better for her.

And finally Hubby and I have just found out some news that might mean some big changes coming our way in 2020. We can't say too much yet but watch this space. 😁

Phew! I think i need a cuppa or maybe some Gin?

X x X

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Proud Mummy moment

I woke up this morning to discover DD2 in the kitchen. Not only had she gotten herself dressed ready for school, but she'd toasted a whole loaf of bread, buttered it and topped it with chocolate spread ready for the family breakfast.
I was so proud of her and we all gave her lots of praise for being so thoughtful and helping out.
I  wonder if this will become a regular thing? 

X x X