Sunday, 17 June 2018


Sorry I've been quiet, but something wonderful has happened. We have a council house! 
This time next week we will be carting all our belongings 30 miles up the motorway and beginning a new life in Eastleigh.
And yes that is a town house (Three levels) you should have seen my face when they told us it wouldn't be the 2 floor house we were expecting but the house you see in the photo above! 
We have been so blessed!

X x X

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


DD; Mum! There's Pooh on the baby's blanket!
Me; What!
DD2; Yeah! A big Pooh!
Me; *dashing over in a panic*
Kids; *laughing at their clever trick.

Little monkeys got me good!

Even Baby W was amused! 

X x X

Monday, 4 June 2018

Back to school

First day back hasn't gone well for DD1. She refused to go to sleep last night until 10.30pm! Unsurprisingly today she is a complete joy to be around(!). 
I think mostly its anxiety about returning to school. She has a bully who is making life tough for her 😡 DD1 is desperate for us to move and leave "stupidface" behind.

DD2 survived her first day at school! Traditionally the first day back lasts a few hours before we get a school phone call. However the week is young and I'm sure the school will be in touch again soon 🙄
I bought the dress in the photo today. It was 20p from Sue Ryders rummage bins. I thought it would fit DD1 as it says 10 on the label but she complained it was too tight. 

GMan has had a nice day. We had lunch at a local cafe which also houses the local food bank. All cafe profits go back into supporting the food bank so it gives me a good feeling to support it. We had fresh apple juice and hot buttered toast each for £1.50! 
The Sue Ryder rummage bin also gave him a new pair of Batman print pyjamas. The manager insisted on charging 20p for them even though they are technically two items. She said it was because I was a good customer and they were a set. 

Baby W is 2 months old today. We celebrated by getting dolled up in this beautiful linen summer dress. She looked like a little doll in the pram and several people compliment her outfit. 
She is almost rolling over from her back. She can get her top half over easy enough but gets her bottom half stuck half way and you find her pedalling air and getting very frustrated. I think she'll soon have it cracked though. Then we can work on doing it the other way 😂

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Poppy Wave

Yesterday we popped along to Fort Nelson. Usually it's a very cheap day out and the kids can run riot around the tunnels and ramparts without annoying anyone. However we forgot that Fort Nelson is currently hosting Poppy Wave, a wonderful sculpture that's been travelling the country. 

DD1 was fascinated by it and asked lots of interesting questions, DD2 was upset as she thought we'd said puppies not poppies. 
DS was more interested in the coastguard who was flying overhead and DD3 slept the entire thing 😂

Once we got home DD1 wanted to sketch some poppies, so we found a tutorial on Pinterest and both had a go. 
I was so impressed with my picture I even busted out my little box of watercolours.
I'm rather pleased with how they've come out!

X x X

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Frugal fun


 Who says you need money to have fun!
We've stayed in today to rest from a busy school week but we've found plenty to do.

First we made banana flapjacks. Everyone enjoyed the stirring and the tasting but funnily enough everyone disappeared when it was time to wash up. 

While the flapjacks baked we practised our fine motor skills by decorating pinecones with loom bands. 

After lunch we all tried a Troll themed yoga video on YouTube. Yoga is great for gross motor skills and strengthening core muscles, both of which DD2 needs to work on. I couldn't take any photos of the yoga as DD2 decided to do it in the nude!
While the 3 smallest relaxed mid afternoon, DD1 and I made slime using PVA glue, water and borax. DD1 found an instruction video for us to follow and did most of the work herself.

Finally while I made dinner the three eldest played skittles with some empty bottles from the recycling box. DD1 kept score and DD2 showed off her math skills by adding up all of the points to work out the winner.

It's been a fun packed day and not a penny spent!

X x X

Surprise win

We were all quite excited this morning when the postman delivered a mystery parcel through the letterbox.
I'd forgotten all above entering this competition. I enter quite a few each month as I spot them. It only takes a few seconds out of my day and it's fun to daydream about what you could win.
What a great start to the half term break!


Friday, 25 May 2018


I heard some sad news yesterday. A friend of mine I'd lost touch with just before Christmas is in a bad way.
I used to invite her and her daughter round for meals as I know she was struggling financially. Eventually she moved in with her mother for a while for support. I've now heard she's since turned drugs, her daughter removed from her care and there are several loan sharks looking for her. 
I tried sending her a message to say hello and ask how she was. She replied asking for money, I of course declined and she blocked me.
It's all very sad.
I am so grateful today for all I have in my life. 4 wonderful children, a kind supportive husband, loving friends and family. 
I'm also reminded that we are all only a few bad decisions away from disaster.
It's a sobering thought.


P.S - You have no idea how many chocolate buttons I had to bribe them with to take these photos! It was a nightmare! I've no idea how child photographers do it!

X x x