Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Haircuts and presents

The summer holidays are racing past at a mile a minute! Today's adventure was a visit to the hairdresser. 
Above is the before photo.

Both of the girls love sitting in the chairs and being pampered. The ladies who sorted their hair were very sweet and gave them both the full works, including a little packet of sweets for behaving so well.

DD2 now sports a cute bob style. It should make the mornings a bit less of a battle when it comes to brushing. We also purchased some pretty hair clips for holding it back.

DD1 just wanted a trim as she wants her hair longer. As her haircut took less time than DD2s she had it put into a beautiful French plait. 

On the way back to the car the girls were desperate to show off their new looks. It was a good excuse to visit a favourite charity shop.
The ladies inside were very pleased to see us all and made ample fuss of the girls and their little brother. 
One of the ladies passed me a large envelope with a beaming smile. Inside was a Thomas the Tank jumper pattern! Knowing that Gman is a huge fan she'd tucked it away when it was donated early in the holidays. 
I'm going to have a very happy little boy once I've made one. 

X x X

Friday, 11 August 2017

Lots of adventure.

This week we've been enjoying a staycation. 
So far we've visited parks...

Enjoyed a birthday pub meal (my brothers)

Met animals in the zoo...

Make some fancy princess crowns...

Eaten lunch while trainspotting...

Ridden miniature trains with Nanny...

Met new friends....

Enjoyed visiting a Fort....

And even enjoyed a ride on Thomas the Tank himself!
And we still have the weekend to go! Phew!

X x X

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Bedtime Bedlam

It's all been quite disastrous this evening. 
At bedtime DD2 begged DD1 for one of her special books to read as her bedtime story. DD1 very kindly said she could.

I helped  Gman brush his teeth (always epic with a helpful 2 year old) and went in to read with DD2. She was sat in the centre of her bed dramatically ripping out the books flaps.
Luckily I caught her finishing off the first page and she hadn't managed any further damage.

I've repaired the damage as much as sticky tape will allow. It's passable but delicate. DD1 sobbed her little heart out when I explained what had happened. My poor baby girl.
I will be having a big talk with DD2 in the morning about respecting other people's property  and working out an ample punishment. (Usually folding and sorting laundry) 

X x X

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Accidents galore!

It's been a painful few days! First I almost broke my thumb on Sundays adult training session. After following the RICE advice (rest,  ice,compression and elevation) it's turned out only to be badly bruised. The odd thing is its only painful with certain movements. For example I can text with it, but not brush my teeth. And I can knit but not hold my fork at dinner. It's rather bizarre.  

After my thumb mishap, DD1 joined me with a black eye on Saturday.  She's been warned several times not to jump on the bed but refuses to listen. Funnily enough she's not done it since lol.

Mostly we have been rearranging the garden the past few days. DH has made me a little potting table from pallets, and a kind freegler gave us 4 old car tyres. 
I've planted mooli, mallow and spring onion seeds. Hopefully we still have a fair bit of nice weather to come and help them get started. I've also started some tyre potatoes in the hope we have homegrown spuds for Christmas dinner. 
I'll keep you posted on my progress.

X x X