Thursday, 3 August 2017

Bedtime Bedlam

It's all been quite disastrous this evening. 
At bedtime DD2 begged DD1 for one of her special books to read as her bedtime story. DD1 very kindly said she could.

I helped  Gman brush his teeth (always epic with a helpful 2 year old) and went in to read with DD2. She was sat in the centre of her bed dramatically ripping out the books flaps.
Luckily I caught her finishing off the first page and she hadn't managed any further damage.

I've repaired the damage as much as sticky tape will allow. It's passable but delicate. DD1 sobbed her little heart out when I explained what had happened. My poor baby girl.
I will be having a big talk with DD2 in the morning about respecting other people's property  and working out an ample punishment. (Usually folding and sorting laundry) 

X x X


  1. Every cloud as they say, a good teaching outcome,

  2. Hi!!!! So good to see you again - sounds like an interesting evening, and I love that punishment - I may just use laundry too! ;) xoxo


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