Monday, 28 August 2017

Homemade frugal surprise eggs

Are you familiar with surprise eggs? Or blind bags? Shopkins? Numnums? 
Tiny plastic collectables that you break out of eggs, bags or containers, are my girls latest obsession. 
They watch footage of others opening them on YouTube. Sadly they are often very expensive to buy some like lol dolls are almost £9 each!
Not a budget friendly hobby but luckily I have a plan.

To make your own surprises you will need a few simple things.
* Small plastic toys that can survive water
* Small plastic containers 
* paper drinking cups/clean food cans/plastic tubs

For this batch I have a small selection of Duplo figures, plastic dinosaurs, shopkins and some small figures. They have all survived the freezing process before so I'm happy to use them again. 

Next load the tiny toys into the eggs/containers. My girls insist it is very important they can't see their prize until the last moment so the extra layer is crucial. You can skip this step if it doesn't bother your children.

Fill the paper cups about 1/3 to 1/2 with water.  The idea is to stop the containers floating at the top of the ice block and being to easy to retrieve. 
After an hour or so of freezing top them up to the rim of the cup to submerge the rest of the container. 

Frozen surprises are best opened in the bathtub/paddling pool or garden. They can make a great mess of puddles lol. When the weather cools down  a bit I'll share some alternative ideas of making surprise eggs. 

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