Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Accidents galore!

It's been a painful few days! First I almost broke my thumb on Sundays adult training session. After following the RICE advice (rest,  ice,compression and elevation) it's turned out only to be badly bruised. The odd thing is its only painful with certain movements. For example I can text with it, but not brush my teeth. And I can knit but not hold my fork at dinner. It's rather bizarre.  

After my thumb mishap, DD1 joined me with a black eye on Saturday.  She's been warned several times not to jump on the bed but refuses to listen. Funnily enough she's not done it since lol.

Mostly we have been rearranging the garden the past few days. DH has made me a little potting table from pallets, and a kind freegler gave us 4 old car tyres. 
I've planted mooli, mallow and spring onion seeds. Hopefully we still have a fair bit of nice weather to come and help them get started. I've also started some tyre potatoes in the hope we have homegrown spuds for Christmas dinner. 
I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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  1. O bless you both..i did my thumb about 2 yers ago..strange i could hold a mug but not a brush..i hope it gets better..and your girl was lucky..my girls have knocked out teeth and got bumps all over whilst jumping on the beds..they have to learn the hard way unfortunately
    Your garden look amazing..i hopa all that you plant grows for you


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