Monday, 10 June 2019

It begins!

Yesterday we had our 12 month house inspection. Which means we are finally free to redecorate our home!
Within 10 minutes of the inspection team leaving I was sorting out my stash of tester pots ready to get painting.

I'm starting in the downstairs bathroom with a feature wall. 

Addimg in a little child labour to help of course. 

And voila. One funky geometric wall.
The whole project only took a few hours to do but already makes such a difference to the room. Just wait till you see stage 2!

10x 10p tester pots
3 pack of masking tape £1
Paintbrush 75p

Bathroom costs - £2.75p

Saturday, 8 June 2019

1930's knitted hat

I've just finished knitting this cute bobbly beanie from a 1930's knitting pattern in my stash.

Consider the pattern is well on its way to hitting triple figures, I don't think it looks dated. It's supposed to be stripy but I opted to use some self striping yarn from my stash. 

I think I might make a few more later for our craft stall in September. I'm toying with the idea of framing the pattern for display. Do you think people would be interested in seeing it while they choose their hats?


Thursday, 6 June 2019

Thrift shopping haul

I've had a lovely afternoon enjoying the sunshine and thrift shopping with my mum.
First I found this baffling framed cross stitch picture. I love the slightly bizzare vibe to it with the gothic text and cheery goose scene. 
It will be the first addition to my wall of curios.

I also found a king size Thomas the tank bedding set. I've never seen one in king size before. The two spare pillowcases match other sets Gman already owns, the cover itself is destined to become some sort of tent or teepee.
Its a huge amount of fabric for just £1.

2 books for just 29p! DD1 has been becoming more interested in Biblical stories and prayer thanks to attending Messy Church etc. These books should go down pretty well.

I couldn't stop laughing when I found this. I had to get it. 

Finally I found this amazing jigsaw! Gman enjoyed putting it together. It's a great introduction to learning to tell the time and has all his favourite characters in it. 

What goodies have you found lately while thrift shopping?

X x X 

Friday, 31 May 2019

Holiday survival

It's been a fun frugal half term so far. The weather has been kind so we've been out and about a lot. 
We've been to the local parks and paddling pools, enjoyed playdates with our school friends, enjoyed the cinema club at our church, visited a local bakery for delicious cakes and had the water fight to end all water fights in the garden. 
DH has been working long hours this week so sadly we haven't seen much of him. However yesterday he finished work at 3pm and sent me to Costa with the command to enjoy a break.

I had a wonder 45 minutes enjoying an uninterrupted frappe and finishing my book in peace. I am so grateful for a thoughtful husband 😍
I came back feeling rested and rejuvinated.

X x X 

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Tuesday's travels

After dropping the two eldest off safely to school this morning I took the two smallest to Little Thrivers. 
Today's theme was The Man in the Moon based around a story book we read at the end of the session. Usually a few of the children are choosen to act out the parts of the story as its read aloud. Today Gman got to be the Man in the Moon himself. I think G looks rather fetching in a top hat.

After group a few of us got together and raided the reduction sections of local supermarkets and food stores. We were lucky to find lots of fruit, some meat and cheese. With the addition of some cream crackers we had ourselves a mini picnic. 
We ate it together in the town park before those with any hint of energy left visit the playground.

The smallest members of our group, including Baby W, napped in a patch of shade while the adults took turns pushing swings and coaxing toddlers down slides. 

I managed a quick bit of thrifting in my favourite charity shops. I didn't find much but one thing I did spot were 2 packets of Reproduction Victorian scraps. They were only £1 each and both have hundreds of images inside. I'm planning to create a fantasy travel journal with them.
Watch this space.

X x X

Friday, 17 May 2019

Chinese Papercuts

There was a small summer fete at the girls school today. A few stalls and tombolas to browse for goodies before heading home for the weekend.
I found two interesting looking envelopes on the bric-a-brac stall. They looked the same both front and back.

From the writting on the back I thought they both contained a single papercut, most likely the one printed on the back.

How wrong was I! Both envelopes held a set of 10 papercuts. The first was male faces.

The second contained a set of Chinese circus girls. The detail on them all is beautiful. 
 I have a friend who is obsessed with all things oriental who would adore these.
 I'm going to keep them safely stored away until her birthday. I hope she likes them.

What wonderful suprises have you discovered recently?

X x X

Getting my s*** together

 I've been feeling overloaded lately. There's never quite enough hours in the day for the things I need to do. My memory is also struggling with so many costume days, school trips, tombola donations etc etc.
 I've ordered myself a filofax type folder and found several website's that offer free printable pages. I'm hoping that by writting things down on paper I can keep better track and free some space inside my brain.
 You can print pages to track almost anything from the children's wardrobes to weight loss. I look forward to trying some of them out.
  While I'm waiting for my file to arrive I've been meal planning. I now have a food plan for the next 9 days and I've done all the food shopping around it. I've mostly used what we had in the cupboards so we can use up some things ready for our next app food order.

 My afternoon plans are sorting laundry while watching Poldark on Netflix. I'm on episode 3 of the first series and so far I'm quite enjoying it.

X x x

Thursday, 9 May 2019

There's a leek.

I spent most of yesterday in the company of my mum. We spent the day catching up on family news and gossip, and drinking many many gallons of tea. 
Before I left she gifted me with a bag of rhubarb and leeks from the allotment.
Baby W played with the leeks on the school run.

I may have been lucky to get them all home. Baby W is obviously a big fan of leeks 😂

With the help of my glamourous assistant DD2 the rhubarb has been cleaned, skinned and chopped ready to freeze for later use. The leeks were cleaned and chopped along with some potatoes and garlic.

I left it all in the slow cooker overnight on a low heat with some Christmas stock from the freezer and plenty of water.
 Today we have oodles of delicious leek and potato soup which is perfect for the drizzly grey day it's turned out to be.

What's your favourite soup?

X x X

Friday, 3 May 2019

Prepping for a long weekend

Its a three day weekend thanks to the bank holiday on monday. 
I've been preparing some craft ideas to keep the small humans entertained, as well as making some past their best banana's into banana and chocolate cakes.
Hopefully if the weather is good I can get us all out into the open air. There's a lot of coughs and colds going around at the moment so we need some Sunshine to burn the germs off.
 Wish me luck?

X x X

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Getting my crafting on.

I've been experimenting with the vintage wallpaper from yesterday. 
First I took the box frame apart, removed one of the matting boards and then frame a small swatch of wallpaper. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for things to add into the frame. I tried adding a few of Gman's mini trains but it didn't look quite right. 

I put the frame on top of his bedside table and was struck with a surge of inspiration.

What do you think? I'm really pleased with how they've turned out. There's still a huge amount of paper left on the roll too, so there is plenty for more projects.

I shared the photos of my upcycling on Facebook. Within ten minutes two people had messaged me offering some Thomas curtains and bedding. I was given both on the school run and rushed home to get his new curtain put up. 
The second curtain will become some cushions for his bed shortly.
I feel so blessed today.

X x X

Monday, 29 April 2019

Charity shop haul

We donated a hefty pile of odds and ends today while the children were at school. 
Of course I couldn't resist a quick mooch while I was there.
(Another!) Box frame - 50p
3 Math card games - 20p for all 3
Vintage Thomas wallpaper- 50p 

 The frame and wall paper will be used to decorate Gman's room. 

I also picked up this pretty notice board type thing. It's perfect for my heart themed dining room. I'm going to look out for little heart themed images to display on it. 
Well worth 50p.

What bargains have you found lately?

X x X

Friday, 26 April 2019

It's Friday

After dropping the girls off at school this morning we toodled down to Havant for toddler group.
The two smallest had a lovely time with their old friends and I really enjoyed catching up with some of my mummy friends. Lots of babies seemed to have arrived during the Easter holidays so there were some tiny baby cuddles to enjoy too.

This afternoon I finished the final shape for the Christmas garland. I'm really impressed with how they all turned out. 
The next project is making small stockings for everyone. Tonight's job will be cutting out the pieces ready to sew. There is a pattern in the book but it needs enlarging so i might attempted drawing it freehand.
I'm looking quite forward to making them.

X x X

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Curtain Christmas

Gman went back to preschool today so it's just down to Baby W!
Hubby isn't working until this evening so between us we blitzed one level of the house together which only took about an hour. As a reward for hard work I treated myself to a White Chocolate and pistachio coffee. I picked up the box yesterday in poundland, I'm glad I did it was delicious! 

Baby W decided she'd had enough of watching us tidy up and decided to catch up on some beauty sleep. While Hubby played video games I got crafting.
The photo above is a pair of curtains we were gifted to move home with. They covered the patio door nicely width-ways but were a good 8 inches short on length. My eagle eyed mum spotted a beautiful pair of cream curtains at the weekend that were the perfect length so I've switched them both over.
So....the old curtains are now going to be the base of my homemade Christmas. I'm not quite sure if it'll work as an idea but let's have fun trying.

Project one is a simple hanging garland of Christmas inspired shapes. I've used the curtain fabric for the front and the lining for the back to conserve the prettier fabric. There's about 8 different shapes to make but they sew up quite quickly so I will soon blast through them. They make a nice pick-up put-down project to do between other things like waiting for the kettle to boil etc.
I can't decide if I want them hung on ribbon or a nice piece of hairy string. 
What do you think readers?

X x X 

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

I'm still around....just

Life has been hectic but I'm hoping it calms down a little now.
My two eldest girls went back to school today after the Easter holidays. The two smallest went to a morning session at a local soft play with our usual Tuesday morning group. 
They are now both fast asleep enjoying an afternoon nap so I find myself twiddling my thumbs for the first time in a while. 

I started by enjoying a freshly brewed cup of tea and flicking through my latest charity shop bargains. The first a very inspiring book on self sufficency.

The second a beautiful book called Homemade Christmas. I like several of the ideas in it including some very sweet handsewn tree decorations I might be tempted to have a go at. They'd be a nice project to do in the evenings when the children are in bed and I'm enjoying some Netflix.

 X x X

Monday, 1 April 2019


My goodness April has arrived already! How did that happen? 
I had some errands to run this morning so i popped in to see my Mum for a belated mothers day visit and then headed into town.
In Tesco I found some reduced Kale (24p) and teacakes (52p). In the Co-Op I found a bunch of celery (39p) the last bunch I bought there is regrowing nicely so I've been watching out for more reduced bunches. 

I also picked up the current £5 meal deal in Co-op. They tend to be very generous with portions so I often get two meals out of one selection. Tonight we will have the crispy chicken and chicken burgers. I'll use half the peas, alphabites and ice cream.
The fishfingers will save with the remaining bites and peas for another meal. Whether the ice cream makes it remains to be seen. It has habit of disappearing.

This afternoon I completed the first picture in my new mosaic stickerbook. I recieved it yesterday as a Mother's Day present. I quite enjoyed peeling all the tiny stickers and finding the right space for them. 
I'm tempted to start the next one tonight.

X x X

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

A new (to me) box frame

I couldn't resist this beauty yesterday.  It was only 50p in a charity shop rummage box.  The frame has 2 tiers so double the crafting potential. 

Job one was removing the clay tile from the centre. I was hoping it might come off in one piece but sadly it wasn't to be. 
DD2 really enjoyed helping me chip the remaining pieces off with a spoon. It took us a fair while but now we have an empty frame ready to create with. 

Watch this space 

 X x X

Monday, 25 March 2019

Monday bakes

I spent the morning in the kitchen. I wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful weather to dry some laundry, seeing as that meant hanging around in the kitchen most of the day it made sense to bake.
By lunch time I'd made 2 dozen Potato and Leek cakes, 2 dozen Lemon and Rhubarb biscuits and a large Rhubarb crumble.
My parents very kindly gave me some rhubarb and leeks from their allotment 😍
I thought the children might not like the biscuits as they can be hit or miss with rhubarb, but they LOVED them. I had to hide them in a cupboard before they all disappeared. 
However the potato cakes that I thought they'd all love, did not go down well at dinner time. Each of them managed only a tiny nibble before making yuck face 😂

Just when I think i have the children figured out they throw me a curve ball!

X x X

Place setting ucycle

I recently picked up this box frame for just £1 in a local charity shop. I've been drooling over several boxframe ideas on Pinterest lately,  they seem to be a big trend at the moment.

I also was gifted a set of placemats and coasters. They are the lovely sturdy cork backed type. 

I added in a roll of floral sticky back plastic, also a recent charity shop bargain. 
An hour of cutting, sticking, smoothing and a little swearing under my breath later I had a lovely table set up that now matched my dining room theme.
I do love a cheap makeover 😍

What have you guys been making lately? 

X x X