Saturday 23 July 2022

A quiet start


We've spent the first few days of the holidays quietly at home. DD1 is spending the weekend with the in-laws on a mini holiday so I've just got 4 to entertain for now.

Yesterday a friend of mine asked if we would like some fridge bits as she was going on holiday and didn't want to waste anything. She gave us a bag of all sorts of things including a packet of bacon medallions. This morning we made cheese and bacon turnovers together. We tried to make puff pastry but it doesn't seem to have worked. In fact the pastry seems even flatter and more dense than my usual attempts 😂 

We also moved this beautiful but very solid and heavy writing desk from its resting place in the kitchen to the front entrance way. It looks so much nicer than the plastic drawers we had there before. 
We found the desk on the school run. It was on someone's driveway with a free sign attached the top. DH picked it up on his way home in the car that evening and i crossed my fingers and toes that someone else didn't take it first.

One of my aims over the holidays is to encourage the children away from screens for entertainment. So I've pulled out our old Beetle game and taught the children how to play, as well as a few decks of cards to play pairs and patience.

Tomorrow we are off to a local festival which I'm looking quite forward to do. They have a display each year by a local trope of lion dancers and they are so amazing to watch.


Thursday 21 July 2022

Summer break is here!

  I sent my last two children in school off this morning for their final day. DD1 and DD4 both finished yesterday so I had 3/5 home with me.

Though it was very overcast all day the air was still quite humid and the house will take a few days to cool down to a more comfortable level, so we decided to make a little activity in the garden for entertainment.

DD1 made tickets from little pieces of card whilst I made a quick Car wash sign for the 2 smallest two to decorate. It gave me just enough time to gather a few things together.

First you fight the ticket off the customer 🤣 then give the vehicle a good dust over. 

Then we spray everything, including the driver, with warm soapy water.

Then we give everything a good scrub with some sponges and rags. 

Then we wave the customer goodbye, switch drivers and do it all over again and again until everyone was soggy and had had enough.

Then we get everyone dried off, fed and back off to school to collect the missing two.

We celebrated the end of term with a lollipop and lots of excitement about the next few weeks together 🙂

Happy summer holidays everyone


Wednesday 20 July 2022

Drowning not waving


I'm struggling at the moment. 

My Dr has put me back on some medication for anxiety and depression but it's not quite kicked in yet so I know I'll feel a little better soon.

There's just so much to juggle at the moment. Finances are a huge worry now and for the future, organising 5 children, keeping the house up together, preparing for the summer holidays, worrying about poorly family members, trying to be a good friend, just trying to be everything everyone needs me to be.

It's tough and I don't feel like I'm doing any of it particularly well right now. I'm definitely treading water and slowly sinking. It all just feels like an uphill struggle.

I feel like I need a complete reset, to start from scratch again and build things back up slowly until I'm on my feet again and can keep up to speed. I'm not sure how I'd go about that, I'm not very good at slow and steady. I tend to try to do it all then collapse in a heap exhausted. 

 There's not much point to this post really I'm just ranting.