Wednesday 7 September 2022

Its a rainy day.



Todays soup is Leek and Potato. 

Todays dinner is hunters chicken and rice.

 Todays dessert and snacks are PB&J biscuits.

 Todays activities are testing the depth of puddles...

 ...and a spot of ghost hunting and exorcism.
A happy busy day in Spurrier house 😃


Monday 5 September 2022

And breathe...


The three eldest went back to school today, number 4 starts on Friday to allow for teacher visits first.

Everyone returned home happy but tired. This week is going to be a long long long one.

Once everyone had been dropped off, Baby C, Miss W and I met up with a friend. We all visited the community pantry which is my usual routine on a Monday. There was lots of tasty things on offer but there was quite a crowd of people all competing for it. I was very lucky to snaffle the last of the burgers. 
Meat can be hard to come by at the Pantry so whilst they have plenty I will try and stock up on tinned meats for leaner times. This week I've added a tin of tuna and a tin of ham to the stocks. 
I'm also experimenting with making soup in the slow cooker as a starter for dinner time. Im hoping it will fill up some tummies and add some extra nutrition to our diets without costing the earth. We aren't on a position to increase the main meal size and with fuel rises and the cost of living crisis it doesn't look like it's on the cards any time soon.
 I'll keep you posted on how it works out for us.
Tonight's soup was parsnip & squash. It came out really nicely with a handful of lentils added for good measure. Dinner was beef curry and rice, using the burgers from the pantry.
Everyone ate well and no one asked for desert so I call that a win ☺️

DH picked up some milk on his way home and also picked up 2 trays of chicken legs and 4 packets of bacon reduced to pennies. They are all now in the freezer. What a clever man I married ☺️

Take care