Tuesday 30 August 2011

Freebie Day

I have decided to name today Freebie Day. So many lovely things have come my way. First I picked up the new John Lewis magazine in Waitrose. It's really good this month and has quite a vintage theme, so make sure you shabby chiqers out there nab one quick.
Next was lots of free samples as I walked through the Tuesday market, olives from the Greek foods stall, a few cubes of brownie and cookie from a new baked goods stall and finally a sample of the new pasta salad in a local cafe/take away place. And there was still more to come.
Then I was given two dozen plums, a massive handful of runner beans and lots of baby carrots.
From a really sweet friend. I took the photo after processing them for the freezer and remembering that I hadn't taken a photo d'oh!

And finally our wedding rings arrived today!! Now these were definitely not free but when I tried mine on next to me engagement ring (top ring) it looked filthy. So the lovely gent in a local jewellers gave it a free clean and polish for me, when I went to pay him the £2 he usually charges he said I could have it free as an early wedding present. Now they look even better together and I'm almost ready now for my big day.
10 freebies in one day, this is definitely a personal record for me.
x x x x

P.S - What freebies came your way today?

Monday 29 August 2011

A lovely day out (Hugely Picture Heavy)

Hello Lovely readers. Thank you for all your lovely comments and a big welcome to my new followers :). I never knew I'd interesting to so many people.
Today we planned to visit the kite festival at Southsea. It's been a lovely sunny day and people were milling around the common in droves. I snapped a few pics of the various kites we spotted.

I thought they looked rather impressive behind the statues on the war memorial.
Then after getting a little bit to chilly in the sea breeze we decided to head over to Southsea Castle for a little bit of a mooch. It love love love this building, it's just so beautiful. If you ever in the area it is well worth a quick visit. Also it's free.

Inside the museum is this rather impressive model of King Henry the 8th. He of the 6 wives fame. DD threw a small tantrum when we wouldn't let her beep his nose. LOL
DD and OH just after the tantrum.
The walls in Southsea Castle can be 3 metres thick in some places, meaning there are some huge windowsills. Can you imagine how many family photo's and knick knacks you could fit on one of these if you lived there?
Riding the cannon with a little help from Daddy. OH was fascinated by all the original and replica cannons in the courtyard. I think DD rode most of them :)
3 A suit of armour and a rum barrel on display in the museum.

Make up bag, Compact mirror, Royal Jelly soap, Next body spritz
Tombola winnings.
Felt duck picture £1, Handmade bookmark which we watched being made and personalised £1.

2 little duck models 50p, Turkey dog toy- 50p tombola win, sample of dog treats, souvenir poster 40p, Hedgehog microwave cuddly £1 toy tombola.

The dog toy and treats will be passed on to our lovely neighbour for her hearing dog. Our souvenir poster was cheaper than a postcard and will be popped on the fridge.

Sunday 28 August 2011

Sunday Sickday

I've come down with a lurgy :( It started yesterday with aches, pains and a horrible headache. So OH sent me to bed with some hot drinks and snuggly blankets. Today I'm feeling a little bit better but my voice is terrible and I'm having to communicate with a rudimentary sign language which OH only understand when he wants to lol.
I'm concentrating on getting some r&r because we are planning a day out to the Southsea Kite Festival tomorrow. Just need to prepare our picnic lunch and lay out our clothes for the morning.
Expect lots and lots of photos to delight and amuse!!!
x x x

Friday 26 August 2011

Sneak Peeks

More wonderful kindness has come my way (I am so not worthy). Several pieces of fabric in 4 lovely patterns. A blue wood grain type pattern, a cartoony emu in several poses, blue palm trees and white flowers on dusty pink. I've kept the two blue ones out and nabbed a blue velvet and a blue tie dye fabric from my little stash.
I've been a busy bee this afternoon during nap time so watch this space for tomorrows project reveal.
x x x

Thursday 25 August 2011

Royal Doulton Love

Isn't this beautiful? I love love love the pale poppy's and the tiny pretty daisy's. And best of all....

I have 4 dinner plates, 5 tea plates, 5 bread plates, 5 bowls, 1 coffee pot and 1 veggie dish with lid. I will be keeping my eyes open for another dinner plate on Ebay so I can complete my little set.
A friend of mine gave them to me when I told her my plans for hosting Christmas at our flat. As we are a family of three, one of whom being a toddler we only have 3 mismatched dinner plates in the cupboard and lots of plastic bowls for DD. She said she never hosted anymore as her children had grown up and she was now the guest, so if I promised to care for them and use them they were mine mine mine. Such incredible kindness!!!
x x x

P.S This post is part of Down to Earth;s On my mind

Sunday 21 August 2011

First Preserves

2 Jars of Apple Filling
1 Jar of Salted Beans (This is an experiment)
2 Jar of Pear and Ginger Whiskey

Today I've also made 3 plum crumbles and 2 pear and chocolate crumbles but they went into the freezer before I took a pic (d'oh)

The makings of a hedgerow jelly - Elderberrys, plums, blackberrys, apples.

Sunday wanderings

Today we decided to break our lazy Sunday into two manageable lazy chunks by taking DD for a little walk to our local country park. The plan was to feed the local duck population the stale bread we'd found in the back of the fridge and wear DD out for her afternoon nap. But when we got there we found this (see above). A free open air concert staring The Stones, a Rolling Stone tribute band. So we decided to plop ourselves on the grass and have a listen

After a quick hunt through mummy's handbag........

.... we found and emergency stash of toys, biscuits and drinks to keep us going. But after a nice sit down and rest it was onwards.......
.....To the ducks!!!!
We found loads hiding the other side of the lake to the music festival. Apparently ducks don't really like The Rolling Stones.

And then we had conquered Staunton once again! Ready to go home for a nice nap.

x x x x

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Random days

I have been having a big sort out in the bedroom cupboards today. So far I have found my collection of Tusker elephants. They hadn't made it from our house move in May so I gave them all a dust off and made a nice display on my dining room shelves. They were all gifts from family and friends so each one has a special meaning for me and I just love them.
The Disney plate we brought at a recent car boot sale for £1. Aladdin is my OH's favourite Disney film so he was really pleased to spot it. Looking on Ebay there are lots of different plates to collect so this may be the beginnings of a new hobby.

Also in the dreaded cupboard was a brand new scraperfoil. I love doing these occasionally as they are so much fun. Once DD is out for her afternoon nap I am planning to sit down with a nice cuppa and have a crafty moment. I'm planning to add it to my monotone art display on my kitchen cupboard. I love finding little silly things like this to do. I makes tidying up well worth it.
And finally a quick snap of the 15lbs of Damsons OH and I picked a few days ago. They are currently sleeping in my mums freezer until we can get our hands on the rest of this seasons fruit. Then we are planning our annual jam and chutney-a-thon. So watch this space.
x x x

Friday 12 August 2011

A long long day

DD is a poorly panda today. I'm pretty sure it's all teething related but she is suffering something chronic. So we are camped out on the sofa with snuggly blankets, lots of fluids and a stack of DVD's. First up we have Evita. I love love love this movie, I always tear up at the end. And I sing along badly the whole way through.

Next we move onto the classic Citizen Kane. I love the storyline, the glamorous ladys, the handsome actors. The killer ending and message. It really is just one of those perfect films, even if Family Guy does dislike the lack of boobs lol.
And thirdly we have The man in the iron mask. Again I love the story and the costumes. I had a huge crush in my teens on Mr. Caprio. I also have a huge pile of films to work through if I need more entertaining. One of the perks of having second hand films in our shop is that we get first dibs and can watch anything we fancy before it goes on the shelf.

What are your favorite films, and what do you have on your "to watch" pile?

Saturday 6 August 2011

Saturday sales and update.

White EWM top 20p - 2 WF DVD's £1.50 - Molten Brown gift set £1

A few little bargains from the community centres table top sale. Apparently they have one quite regularly. The top is a welcome addition to my dwindling collection. The DVD's will give OH and I much entertainment as we love anything WF and Molten Brown for £1 is incredible! I have always wanted to try it.
My parents gave me this wonderful wooden jewelry box a few days ago. I used to belong to my Aunts Mother who sadly passed away a few years ago. I came with some costume jewelry which I have kept a few pieces of. The rest was donated to a local charity before it could become clutter. I'm currently using it for my current quilting project as the little compartments are perfect.
I also recently picked up this stunning Laura Ashley dress for just £1 in a Cancer research shop. It is perfect and wonderful, I felt so glamorous and special when I tried it on. I'm hoping to keep hold of it and wear for my wedding in September.

x x x