Sunday 7 February 2010

Frugal Valentines Decoration Tutorial

Being a quiet lazy Sunday with an OH watching several football matches I've been feeling an urge to craft bubbling away inside of me. So after a bit of imagination and experimenting here is my fugal valentines tutorial. Hope you enjoy.
You will need;
2 Oblongs of card/paper (One plain oblong and one fancy oblong.)
Glue, Blutack, Sticky tape.
Step One; Cut out two oblongs the same size. I have used an old mail order catalogue but you could use wrapping paper, magazine pages, telephone books, sheet music or even fabric. Experiment and go wild!!!!
Step Two; Lay the two oblongs on top of each other and make as many or as few cuts along the length as you want. Cut no more than 4/5Th's of the length. Make sure you don't cut all the way to the end or you will end up with lots of little strips with the next step lol. Try to keep the cuts reasonably even.
Step three; Before you separate your two oblongs use your scissors to round off the uncut end. Now do you see why we didn't cut all the way along? These rounded edges will make your heart shape.
Step Four; Separate your two oblongs and lay them on top of each other as pictured above. Take the first strip of your fancy oblong and lay it over the top of the first strip of the plain oblong. The second fancy strip goes under the first plain strip and over the second plain strip. Continue weaving the strips over and under until you have your finished heart.
Step Five; One you have woven all the strips you should have something like the picture above. At this point you can use a dab of glue or sticky tape to secure the loose ends. Also if you find your edges are not quite even you can trim them down to neaten them. Step Six; Now you can really play with your creation. Above I have made several and decorated my front door. You could also use them in scrapbooks or card making, perhaps turn them into a piece of wall art or mobile. Endless possibilities await you.

Saturday 6 February 2010

A few handmade knits.

I am a huge huge fan of just about any crafts I can get my hands stuck into. Even more of a fan if they can produce something beautiful that makes me a saving or stops me from spending all together. A high favorite on the list is knitting. There is something magical about making....

a lovely pair of warm socks.....

......... to a softy toy elephant for a friend.
Really the possibility's are endless so why not try a new skill, pick up some needles and wool, and go wild.