Tuesday 12 February 2013

There's a new man in my life....

 And his name is Richard Sharpe!

 Having completed the Sookie Stackhouse series I have just started The Sharpe series. I'm on book 1 Sharpes Tiger and I am hooked! Not enough hours in the day any more lol

 Today is my day running the shop, and seeing as I have it all to myself today I'm giving it a well needed scrub down and organize. So much easier without little helpers.

 x x x

Monday 11 February 2013

Challenge updates

 I have read my way through all 12 of the Sookie Stackhouse books! Number 13 isn't out till May so I am moving onto my next book series which is the wonderful Sharpe Saga. I have just 78 books left to read to complete the challenge.

I watched the movie 12 Angry Men (6/250) finally. I managed to sneak it in during a nap time for the girlies. I have to say I am blown away by this movie! No fancy effects, no snazzy angles and shots, just stunning writing and perfect acting. I went in thinking it wouldn't be anything special and I loved it. Don't you just love being wrong about things sometimes.
 Highly highly recommended!

The next movie on the list is Schindler's List. I'm kinda looking forward to seeing Ralph Fiennes in something with a nose!

I'm back again

 Finally a blog post from me!!! Are y'all excited?
 Poor DD has had her first tummy bug from Pre-school so its been three days of yuck here at FHMH. She is recovering well and today has kept something other than water down finally so that's all good.
 Baby D is getting a major wriggle on and happily rolling around on the floor. She is baby who hates to stay still so we picked up a walker in a charity shop last week for a few pounds. DD loves to push her around the shop floor and show DD the sights, while OH and I can get on with some shop chores knowing they are happy and safe. It's been a lifesaver.
 OH has toothache on top of everything else poor thing, and the antibiotics are making him poorly to, so he needs lots of peace and rest. Not so easy when you have a very grumpy poorly toddler and a bored grumpy infant. I've somehow managed to juggle it though.
  x x x

Tuesday 5 February 2013


 Things are hectic here at the moment so please excuse the quietness on the blog. Nothing is wrong, there is no emergency, but things happen together all at once don't they and it all adds up.
 I have group meals, family shopping trips, play dates, shop meetings, pre school and the regular odds and sods to juggle.
 I will be back ASAP!

 x x x