Wednesday 27 March 2019

A new (to me) box frame

I couldn't resist this beauty yesterday.  It was only 50p in a charity shop rummage box.  The frame has 2 tiers so double the crafting potential. 

Job one was removing the clay tile from the centre. I was hoping it might come off in one piece but sadly it wasn't to be. 
DD2 really enjoyed helping me chip the remaining pieces off with a spoon. It took us a fair while but now we have an empty frame ready to create with. 

Watch this space 

 X x X

Monday 25 March 2019

Monday bakes

I spent the morning in the kitchen. I wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful weather to dry some laundry, seeing as that meant hanging around in the kitchen most of the day it made sense to bake.
By lunch time I'd made 2 dozen Potato and Leek cakes, 2 dozen Lemon and Rhubarb biscuits and a large Rhubarb crumble.
My parents very kindly gave me some rhubarb and leeks from their allotment 😍
I thought the children might not like the biscuits as they can be hit or miss with rhubarb, but they LOVED them. I had to hide them in a cupboard before they all disappeared. 
However the potato cakes that I thought they'd all love, did not go down well at dinner time. Each of them managed only a tiny nibble before making yuck face 😂

Just when I think i have the children figured out they throw me a curve ball!

X x X

Place setting ucycle

I recently picked up this box frame for just £1 in a local charity shop. I've been drooling over several boxframe ideas on Pinterest lately,  they seem to be a big trend at the moment.

I also was gifted a set of placemats and coasters. They are the lovely sturdy cork backed type. 

I added in a roll of floral sticky back plastic, also a recent charity shop bargain. 
An hour of cutting, sticking, smoothing and a little swearing under my breath later I had a lovely table set up that now matched my dining room theme.
I do love a cheap makeover 😍

What have you guys been making lately? 

X x X

Monday 18 March 2019

Monday muddles

My Monday has gotten off to a muddled start this week. First I forgot Gman's backpack for preschool which meant an extra journey this morning. The extra journey meant I missed the post which is a pain as it's DD1s birthday tomorrow so I'm worried I've missed something important. 
THEN I noticed that when I bought the bins in after the first school run I'd swapped one of our bins with our neighbours. 
It feels like its all going a bit wonky!

Lunch today is leftover naan bread from our Asda Indian a few days ago. I popped on a pinch of herbs and a grating of cheese. Its made the perfect lunch for me and Baby W. 
 I cut half of hers into fingers and stored the rest for her school run snack.
My afternoon plans are to set up a craft activity for my school goers and then knit in the sunshine for a bit.
What bliss 

X x x

Friday 1 March 2019

Saturation point

At the beginning of half term I bought a net of satsumas in home bargains. I say a net, it was more like a trawler bag.
At this point the entire house is sick of them 😂 I've sneaked them into as many places as I can. Tomorrow we will have a couple in a trifle but I still have 9 left!

Help me dear readers. What would you make with them?

X x x