Friday, 1 March 2019

Saturation point

At the beginning of half term I bought a net of satsumas in home bargains. I say a net, it was more like a trawler bag.
At this point the entire house is sick of them 😂 I've sneaked them into as many places as I can. Tomorrow we will have a couple in a trifle but I still have 9 left!

Help me dear readers. What would you make with them?

X x x


  1. Hi hun, Read your blog but don't often comment. I would make a clementine cake;-
    I have made it before it's easy and yummm :) Hugs goldensunflower x

  2. Try them in a curry or tagine or what about a smoothie?

  3. Stick cloves in them and dry them as pomanders.

  4. There's a recipe online for a National Trust Boiled Clementine cake - it says you can use tangerines too so I'm sure a satsuma would do. It's a nice cake and it's lovely warm for a pudding with custard :) If you like it you could boil and blend the rest and freeze the puree for another go later on.

  5. Nigellas Clematine Cake or orange curd. You can freeze them too. Good luck.

  6. Clementine cake. I use this recipe. Ground almonds are costly, so I substitute half with polenta/cornmeal. Eat as a cake or with a splash of yogurt or custard as a pud.


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