Wednesday 29 September 2021



 DD3 officially has another negative test so she just has a regular old fashioned cough and cold.

Lots of rest and cuddles are the plan for the next few days.

This mornings reading cafe session went quite well until I noticed something.

Me; Gman, where are your socks?

Gman; I dunno

Me; Did you put some on this morning?

Gman; No. I forgot!


X x X

Monday 27 September 2021

Just busy living


 I've had lots of good intentions to post on here more often than I do but life just always seems to have other plans.

 This morning started out well until the young lady that DD1 walks to school with every morning didn't arrive. A quick message to her mum revealed she was in bed and not very well. DD1 hasn't walked to school alone yet and having the idea of doing so thrown on her so suddenly left her completely overwhelmed. Thankfully my Dad was happy to jump his car and pop her to school quickly though she was by now a few minutes late. That prompted another panic attack at the idea of being in trouble but the school were very kind and understanding about the whole thing and wavered any detention she might have recieved. 

 While my Dad was driving DD1 to school I was rushing the other 3 quickly along to their school. Luck was on our side and we streaked through the school gates before they shut. I popped DD2 and Gman into their classes and walked DD3 around to the attached preschool. 

 This week is reading cafe week so after dropping off DD3 I returned to the school to read for 20 minutes with DD2 and Gman. We all enjoyed our free drink and biscuits. I remembered to put my travel cup in my handbag so that got me extra brownie points with the staff.

After that I headed home to start on the usual weekday housework. I planned to work till around 1pm before knitting and watching something on netflix for some R&R before everyone arrives back home again. 

DD4 had just settled to sleep when I recieved a phonecall from the preschool. DD3 has a temperature and a was coughing a bit 🙈 please collect her and don't come back without a PCR test. 

 Once I'd woken DD4 and collected DD3 we only had around 20 minutes to kill before the afternoon school run began so we collected conkers in a quiet corner of the park for a while. Then I collected DD2 and Gman as usual. Gman managed to get distracted and walked into a pole half way along. By the time we reached the house he was calm again but sporting a small egg on one side of his forehead.

 Dinner went nicely with everyone eating well. The smaller three had chicken fingers, carrots and waffles. The elder two had chicken finger and fried egg sandwiches with carrots on the side. Dessert was banana custard with a few choc chips sprinkled on top. 

 Now I'm sat beside the bath as the 2 smallest bath. In a minute they will be popped into pjs and into bed for the night. Then I will spend some time with each of the older children as I get them prepped for bedtime. Hopefully I'll be finished in time for DH to arrive home and I will finally get a little sit down with a hot cup of tea and read a few pages of my book in peace. 

 Looking at todays list of events though I'm not going to set my heart on it just in case something else is just around the corner 🤣

 X x X


Wednesday 15 September 2021

Thanks for telling me!


 I had this helpful postcard from the railway in the post today. Shame it's already the 15th of September 🙈. Our post has been hit quite badly locally with the pingdemic etc. At least it wasnt anything that important but it makes me feel for those with medical appointments that could be missed.

Some good healthy R&R has sorted out DD3. Her test has come back negative as we expected so she'll be back to preschool on Friday. She is back to her usual cheeky bouncy self again.

Maybe we're finally getting some good luck again!

X x X

Monday 13 September 2021

It was going so well!!


 I seem to have no luck at all at the moment. What's worse is now seems to have passed onto the children. 

 DD3 went to preschool this morning happy and bouncy leaving me home alone with just Baby C for company. However by lunch time I recieved a phone call saying she had a low fever and was complaining of a sore throat. I had to go collect her. 

 Due to the pandemic and all that jazz DD3 has to now be tested for Covid before she can return to preschool. Which is fair enough, I'm completely on board with that BUT the advice is also she should now isolate until her test is done and the results arrive. Not so great when you have other children to collect from school! Luckily after lots of back and forth with the school and a few friends I've found someone suitable who can collect Gman and DD2 for me. But it's been a frantic 45 minutes of trying to juggle all the logistics . 

 One week we've managed back at school before the dreaded 'rona has started effecting us again. I can't wait till this whole thing is over and done with.  DD3 meanwhile has had some Calpol and has gone back into bouncy mode.

 X x x