Sunday 31 August 2014

Let the Prepping begin (Free Pattern)

 The first of September is just around the corner and you can certainly feel the change in the seasons this week. It is time for the frugal and thrifty among us to turn their minds towards Christmas preps.
 I try to squirrel gifts away over the course of the year but some things like baking, decorations and planning can't be started until the last quarter of the year .

 I'm starting a day early this year with something fun. Knitting little stockings for bunting.  My mum was given the pattern on a recent crafting holiday with her quilting buddies.
 It's just perfect for knitting up here and there in a spare five minutes, and use up such a tiny amount of wool. I've chosen to use red and green but wouldn't they look adorable in pastels?

 Click on the picture to enlarge, and knit away. If you use this pattern I would love to see the results! Pop me a link in the comments section so I can peep at your creations.

x x x

Saturday 30 August 2014

A day in the kitchen

We had planned to get some jobs done in the gardening today. But OH got a phone call from work begging him to cover a shift today so all changed. 
Instead I cleared out oone of the kitchen cupboards that had been bugging me,  I distracted 
the girls with playdough.

After dejunking with the aid of Freegle, Facebook and Ebay, my cupboard is looking much more manageable.  

To celebrate Baby D helped me whip up a batch of cakes from our cupboard stash.

ThThey came out rather well don't you think? 

X x x

Friday 29 August 2014

Seed stockpile

I had a very excited phone call from my Dad yesterday.  He rang to tell me that he'd spotted the first signs of the annual 50p seed sale in our favourite chain of garden centres.
So this morning I made sure we were all up and dressed by 8.30 and at the garden centre for 9 when it opened. At 50p a packet these guys don't hang around long!
I spent £8 on 14 packets of various things.  
Just need to set the beds up this autumn and I'm ready to get growing from January. 

X x x

Thursday 28 August 2014

A very Thrifty Thursday

  It's been a wonderful Thursday for the Random's. First I was gifted a knitting book that someone no longer wanted, and then offered a single bed that was destined for the tip. We've been thinking for a month or two that it was time to move Baby D into a "big girl bed" so we took up the offer eagerly.
 Before we went to collect it we sneaked in a cooked breakfast at our favourite seaside greasy spoon.

The girls gambled away their pocket money for ten minutes while we worked out an action plan for picking up the bed. Originally we were going to pop it into the spare room until we found a cheap mattress for it but luck was on our side and we found one immediately on Ebay for a paltry £8.

So two local journeys and an hour rearranging furniture later, Baby D has a snuggly new "big girl bed" to enjoy.  Now the sleeping arrangements are sorted out we can move onto some frugal decorating to make them a room fit for princess (is the plural for princess, princess? Angela I'm looking at you....)
 Next job.......curtains!

 x X x

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Frugal cardboard fun

We've just restocked the cuboards for September using the wonderful Approved foods *.
Its perfect for stocking up for lunchboxes and little naughty treats. I recommend their baking section!

One of the perks of ordering online,  other than not having to go out in the rain, is the delivery boxes. Both of the girls love playing with them for hours. 
So today after several rounds of DD-in-the-box we decided to make a house.

I say we, what actually happened is OH  found his inner architect.
Thirty minutes of cutting and tape created the deluxe cardboard cottage you see above.
A rather fine piece of work I think your agree.
Tomorrow we start decorating.  

X x x

* please note that this link is an affiliate link. Should you place an order using it I will be rewarded with credit towards my next order. 

Monday 11 August 2014

Frugal Fruity Futures

We're getting into my favourite time of the year now. Everywhere you go there are trees and bushes groaning with free fruit. 
While exploring the local area on an afternoon walk recently we discovered a huge park we didn't even know existed. We discovered about a dozen wild plum trees, dozens of elderberry clunps and what I believe to be sloes galore!

So today we popped back with a few empty carrier bags and a picnic. We spent a wonderful morning playing chase and hide and seek, and after lunch a few hours foraging.  
My preserves cupboard will soon be full of jelly,  jam, syrups and a whole host of preserves for winter. My under stair cupboard will be pop popping with fermenting homebrew and the freezer will be full of crumbles and pies for the leaner months.
 I can't wait to get started.

X x X

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Frugal Banana Treats

After a busy morning fruit picking and jam making we needed a little afternoon treat at Frugal House.  

Baked bananas with chocolate. 

These guys are quick and simple.  Slit a banana lengthways and pop in a few squares of chocolate.  Wrap in foil and bake for 15 minutes.

X x X