Monday 11 August 2014

Frugal Fruity Futures

We're getting into my favourite time of the year now. Everywhere you go there are trees and bushes groaning with free fruit. 
While exploring the local area on an afternoon walk recently we discovered a huge park we didn't even know existed. We discovered about a dozen wild plum trees, dozens of elderberry clunps and what I believe to be sloes galore!

So today we popped back with a few empty carrier bags and a picnic. We spent a wonderful morning playing chase and hide and seek, and after lunch a few hours foraging.  
My preserves cupboard will soon be full of jelly,  jam, syrups and a whole host of preserves for winter. My under stair cupboard will be pop popping with fermenting homebrew and the freezer will be full of crumbles and pies for the leaner months.
 I can't wait to get started.

X x X

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  1. Nothing better than natures bounty! Well done to you and the little fishcakes and a picnic too. Ginny


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