Monday 2 December 2019

My name is Sarah and...

...I am a hot drink addict. Weirdly, I would never describe myself as a hot drink drinker, yet the evidence points other wise!
I like to drink a 'posh' coffee after the school run and in the evening once the children have settled but I wouldn't call that excessive.
My hot drinks cupboard was looking ridiculous though having reached the crucial stage of playing jenga with the boxes to select the my chosen drink of the day.

I picked up two grey storage baskets in poundland that fit my sachets and teabags perfectly. Once I'd chucked all the space wasting boxes and tipped the almost empty hot chocolate powder into the newly opened pot, I had a lot more room in the cupboard. I've also added a reminder to my phones shopping list NOT to purchase any more tea and coffee drinks until I've used up most of this lot first.

X x X