Saturday 10 June 2023

It's getting warm again

 Today has been very warm and a little bit busy. We had fun though. 

Miss W was very kindly invited to a birthday party by one of her school friends so while she was attending that I took the other 4 and our lovely friends Mr and Mrs S to visit the Eastleigh Unwrapped festival before popping into the Library and Iceland. Then it was time to pick up Miss W and her friend from the party and try to encourage 6 very hot and fed up children to walk home. We ended up tempting them with promises of ice poles and cold drinks when we finally got there 😂 what ever works right? Dinner was Iceland pizzas split 7 ways, followed by cold baths to help cool off before bedtime. 
 I keep hearing rumours of a thunderstorm soon which sounds good to me. I hope it arrives sooner rather than later.