Sunday 30 April 2017

Our First Comp

Yesterday we all attended our first ever twirling competition. 
Both girls took part in a group pom routine which came 3rd in their age group! DD1 also did a small military strut solo but sadly didn't place.
Just the fact they both took part was making me and Hubby beam. 

DD1 was extremely anxious about this comp. We were so proud to see her strutting her stuff, she shook like a leaf afterwards but was so pleased with herself. 
She's already announced that next comp she will do 2 solos and a group dance!

DD2 was a trooper. It was an extremely long day involving several costume changes and constant hair touch ups. Neither are things DD2 particularly likes but she did everything asked of her. 
She wants to do a solo like her big sister at the next comp.

The whole thing has been very tiring, exciting, wonderful and annoying. A complete whirlwind of things.
 Bring on the next one!

X x x

Friday 7 April 2017

Sweet treats

The Easter sensory box worked a treat. In fact I found myself twiddling my thumbs so I decided to have a try at sweetmaking.
I wanted to attampt one of the recipes from my vintage housekeeping book and make a batch of Chocolate fondant creams.

 However the Base recipe for the fondant made a lot more than I'd anticipated so I split the batch, and made Almond fondants too.
  They are currently drying out in the airing cupboard overnight. Not that they seem to be lasting to long. Several are suspiciously missing from the lowest shelf.

 X x x

Easter Sensory Box

The Easter holidays have begun. Hurrah.
Entry 1 into my Easter challenge is a sweet and simple sensory box. With a bonus note from the Easter bunny of course!

The children all enjoyed hatching the chicks, making little flower gardens with the cutouts and burying things.
I've left it on the dining table for the day as there have been several repeat visits already.

X x X

Thursday 6 April 2017

Last day of term.

The girls were very excited to show off their Easter bonnets today. There is some serious completion each year to make the biggest and best hat. 

We prefer to focus on the fun aspect of the whole thing. Getting sticky and covered in cotton wool, glitter and shouting curse words at the parts that just won't stick! It's all part of the fun of Easter.

At the end of the school day the PTA had arranged an Easter bunny hunt. We had to find all the rabbits (one for each letter of the alphabet) and write down their names. 
The reward was a sweetie cones filled with easter theme goodies like mini eggs and bunny marshmallows. 
The girls throughly enjoyed it! 

Tomorrow my Easter challenge officially begins. Watch this space to see if I can entertain 3 children with just 2 preselected items for 2 weeks! Am I mad? Quite possibly!

X x X

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Poor DD2

My poor little lady took a tumble in the playground yesterday. She came home sporting an egg on her forehead and a rather puffy looking left eye. 
DD2 doesn't fall well. Her reaction time can be quite poor and so often doesn't put her hands out in time. DD2 is often referred to as the school medical rooms best customer. I've gotten to know the school first aiders quite well. 
This afternoon, just over 24 hours later, her eye is starting to take on  that familiar slightly blue tinge. 
This will be her second black eye this term. Everything is of course documented as an accident, but that won't stop people nudging each other on  the bus and tutting.

Stupid Dyspraxia!

X x X

Monday 3 April 2017

A nice day

First my day started with a lovely surprise from my Hubby. We had a random discussion a few days ago where we both agreed some of the photos on display in the house were getting outdated. It's always nice to have fresh pictures to look at.
He updated this frame yesterday evening.

My parents popped in to say hello shortly after the school run. We ended up walking to the local garden centre and enjoying a delicious cream tea.
Gman really enjoyed spreading all the toppings on his piece of scone.

Just before the afternoon school run we popped into the church charity shop for a quick browse. I found this gorgeous old housekeeping book for 50p.
Once I got home I decided that this was the sort of book one reads drinking tea from a cup and saucer.

I'm looking forward to being the perfect letter writting housewife at the next dance to show off my homemade confectionery.

Toodle Pip


Sunday 2 April 2017

Life with Dyspraxia (Epic post alert)

Life with dyspraxia sucks. 
For those who haven't heard of it before dyspraxia or DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder) is a Developmental disorder of the brain in childhood causing difficulty in activities requiring Coordination and movement.
Although we don't officially have that diagnosis yet (age is a big factor) we have come to the conclusion that if it walks, flys and clucks like a chicken then it's a chicken. DD2 checks all the dyspraxia boxes.

Today has been a beautiful sunny day so I attempted a trip to the park with the children. 
First we have to get ready. That's problem one. DD2 is desperate to get her own shoes on and it's a process that takes quite a while. First we need to get everything done in the right order. Both shoes undone, right foot in right shoe, left foot in left shoe and both shoes done up. 
Eventually we get there but then DD2 has a small tantrum because while I was talking her through the process, DD1 has put on Gmans shoes to be helpful and DD2 wanted to do it. 
Thankfully the nice weather means we don't need the inside/outside/arms in coat/zip fiasco.
Once outside DD2 takes her spot holding onto the buggy. DD2 very rarely stands or walks independently. She is unsteady on her feet and likes to walk or stand holding/touching something in case she needs the support.
Everytime we cross the road she has to switch sides because she has a fear of falling in the road. This prompts arguments from DD1 because "that was my side first!" Although DD1 has matured a lot about that sort of thing lately. 
Even though DD2 is holding onto the buggy she still stumbles and trips very often. Walking with out falling takes a lot of concentration for DD2, loud noises, birds flying nearby, interesting flowers etc all end with lapses in concentration. Today by the time we reach the park, a 12 minute walk, DD2 has two fresh grazed knees and possibly a few shin bruises. 
For the first 5 minutes we do well. Gman comes out of his buggy and everyone plays on the slide together nicely. DD1 takes a tumble and grazes her knee. DD2 is asked to play in the sand pit as it's the safest place for lone play, gman goes back in the buggy and I give DD1 some first aid and comfort.
DD1 doesn't like the slide anymore and we all head over the swings. The park is busy but there is one swing free, it's a baby swing so DD2 goes first as Gman is still safely in the buggy. After a few minutes DD2 swaps with Gman and the two girls push him gently between them. All is going great. 
A 'big girl' swing opens up and DD1 runs off to play on it. DD2 wants to go back to the sand pit so off she runs stumbling on route but saving herself. Phew!
For a moment or two longer peace reigns.
But then DD2 comes back, she's had a bathroom accident. DD2 can have bathroom accidents without warning, it's the biggest on going problem we're currently tackling. As this park has no bathroom facilities, (always a risk to visit!) We have to head home to get DD2 sorted out. I pull off my hoody and put it over her so she isn't sat in wet clothes for the journey home. This is the reason that I wear two top layers no matter the weather. 
 DD2 is feeling embarrassed and spends most of the walk home riding on the bar handle of Gmans buggy and clutching my neck. She repeatedly asks if I'm angry or mad at her. I reassure her that I'm not and I love her lots and lots. She walks the final 50 metres of the journey home and manages one more trip before falling through the front door and bumping her head on the doorframe.

The entire trip has taken about 45 minutes. Gman has had a few goes on the slide and some time on the swing, hardly any exercise at all.
DD1 is frustrated because she wasn't finished at the park yet and thinks her grazed knee might be a mortal wound.
DD2 is semi-nude with 2 grazed knees and bumped head.

Dyspraxia sucks. And I need Gin!