Monday 3 April 2017

A nice day

First my day started with a lovely surprise from my Hubby. We had a random discussion a few days ago where we both agreed some of the photos on display in the house were getting outdated. It's always nice to have fresh pictures to look at.
He updated this frame yesterday evening.

My parents popped in to say hello shortly after the school run. We ended up walking to the local garden centre and enjoying a delicious cream tea.
Gman really enjoyed spreading all the toppings on his piece of scone.

Just before the afternoon school run we popped into the church charity shop for a quick browse. I found this gorgeous old housekeeping book for 50p.
Once I got home I decided that this was the sort of book one reads drinking tea from a cup and saucer.

I'm looking forward to being the perfect letter writting housewife at the next dance to show off my homemade confectionery.

Toodle Pip



  1. Oh please review it. Especially the chapter on money making at home!!

  2. I feel sad that some of the things from the old days have gone. I bet that book will keep you occupied for ages.
    Love the little one spreading the jam, very intense, lol


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