Wednesday 27 March 2013

Today's randomness.

 I woke up this morning feeling like poop. Whatever this bug is that has worked it's way through my family has ended up with me after all. OH has been an absolute godsend and took both the girlies with him to work for the day to let me sleep it off. I slept straight through till the afternoon!!!
 For the last few hours before they all returned I sort of slumped on the sofa and finished the book above on my kindle under a pile of blankets.
 Sealed with a Kiss is a lovely little romance, and currently number 1 on the top 100 free books list. It really struck a chord with my wanderlust that I'm nursing at the moment. I love the idea of starting from new on a wild Scottish island. It kind of makes me want to drag out my DVD's of The Beach and Castaway.

 Here is a sneaky sneak peek at my latest crochet project, I started it last night before I started feeling poorly. It is the perfect project to do while watching Coach Trip on 4OD. Any other fans of Fabulous Brendon here?

And I just couldn't post on here today without linking to the fabulous Bonita Bon Bons Easter tutorial.
 Look at this thing! It is a thing of beauty and I cannot wait to make my own on Friday with DD.

x x x

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Washing day

 I am battling a huge pile of washing today. I am very very guilty of letting it build up until a small mountain has formed in the en suite. I know half the problem is that we all have far to many clothes in this household.
 My theory is that if I can get everyone in the house (eventually) on board with the 100 things ways of life than I will have less laundry to do. I also means that I will have to wash a load more regularly or we will run out of clean things to wear.
 DD is now at a stage where she can probably wear most things 2 days in a row like me if they are clean and tidy. OH likes to wear a fresh shirt everyday but will wears his jeans/trousers for 2-3 days. Baby D is changed pretty much constantly but she is only 7 months so I can forgive that. Babies are not clean creatures lol. The good thing about baby clothes though is you can always squeeze a few pieces into any wash that's put on thanks to their tiny size.

I've added my two vests (I'm a layers kinda girl), dressing gown and favorite top to my 100 things page. I've nearly listed my first 10% which is making me wonder just how well I am going to do at this! I'm dreading the decisions I will have to make over my knitting stash.

Take Care

x x x

Monday 25 March 2013

Poorly D

 Baby D is suffering today. Last night she had a bit of a fever and was hacking her poor little lungs every time she lay remotely flat. As a result she (and I) didn't sleep to well. I managed to get her into the doctors first thing but as I expected they just said it was teething and just keep her on calpol.
 Today she is better, though when she's awake she is rather grumpy and stoned looking.
 As a result not much is getting done today. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

 I am working on a 100 things page to add to this blog. I will try and photo all 100 things I own over the next week or so and work on paring down my stuff. Hopefully it should be up with a few token photos this afternoon.

x x x

Sunday 24 March 2013

100 things again?

 Just lately I feel as though I'm drowning in stuff again. Everywhere I look is piles of stuff it's taking endless room and time and energy. So I'm going to try the 100 things challenge to get things in a better order.
 And to start off I'm going to ask you about coats. I have three at the moment, that's definitely 2 to many. I wear a different one every few days and I've always left my keys or something essential in the one before. I just need help deciding.
 Coat 1; I picked this up in a charity shop not to long ago for about £3. It is the smallest of the three and doesn't have to much room for wearing a jumper etc underneath. The pockets are  nice a big which is a big plus, but it doesn't have a hood which is a negative. I quite like my figure in it though!

Coat 2; Bigger and heavier than coat 1. The fastenings needs to be looked at because it has a tendency to gape open when your wearing it but I'm sure I can do something about it somehow. This coat has a hood attached, but the collar will not stay down no matter what I try. The collar and fastenings annoy me, but the hood and extra room is good.


Coat 3; The biggest of the lot, I wore this the most at the end of my pregnancy with Baby D. It's very very roomy and comfy. It also has a hood but without the sticky up collar. I like the colour and the length, and if I kept it I would be tempted to jazz it up a little bit with some embroidery or something. I worry that it looks huge on me though even in the picture. 

So lovely readers, which do you think I should keep or the three? I just can't decide so I will base my decision on your comments and suggestions.

x x x x

Saturday 23 March 2013

Finished project.

 Just finished this quick little cardigan/shrug for DD. It's a great project for using up your stash, and so simple even I can manage it without to much hassle :)
 If you want the pattern just Google Granny Shrug Pattern and several free ones will pop up. I'm tempted to make a bigger one next for me. Hmmmmm.

x x x

Blogger app

Can someone leave me a comment to say if this post worked?  I'm testing the Blogger app out.

I'm a terrible blogger.

I can't believe how long it's been since I last managed a blog post. I've completely fallen out of the habit, when I used to feel incomplete without blogging at least once a day! Ugh.... I suck!

 So what have I been up to lately? DD has just turned three! I can't believe how big she's getting now, she is at preschool two mornings a week currently and will be attending three full days after Easter! We are still deciding about Homeschooling or not as she has taken to Preschool like a duck to water.

  Baby D is now almost 7 months!! How on earth that happened I have no idea but there you are. She is almost sitting up unaided now, it depends on how many shiny distractions are nearby lol. She is also starting to crawl, although for now she can only manage to go backwards. Weaning is going well and we are about to start introducing some regular milk into her diet now she is eating so heartily. I'm looking forward to loosing that £8 out of the food budget each week!

 So I am back! And I promise to try and pop things on here more regularly :) I've almost finished a crochet jacket for DD so hopefully I can share that later this afternoon. I just need to work out how to get photos from my phone to Blogger :)
x x x