Wednesday 27 March 2013

Today's randomness.

 I woke up this morning feeling like poop. Whatever this bug is that has worked it's way through my family has ended up with me after all. OH has been an absolute godsend and took both the girlies with him to work for the day to let me sleep it off. I slept straight through till the afternoon!!!
 For the last few hours before they all returned I sort of slumped on the sofa and finished the book above on my kindle under a pile of blankets.
 Sealed with a Kiss is a lovely little romance, and currently number 1 on the top 100 free books list. It really struck a chord with my wanderlust that I'm nursing at the moment. I love the idea of starting from new on a wild Scottish island. It kind of makes me want to drag out my DVD's of The Beach and Castaway.

 Here is a sneaky sneak peek at my latest crochet project, I started it last night before I started feeling poorly. It is the perfect project to do while watching Coach Trip on 4OD. Any other fans of Fabulous Brendon here?

And I just couldn't post on here today without linking to the fabulous Bonita Bon Bons Easter tutorial.
 Look at this thing! It is a thing of beauty and I cannot wait to make my own on Friday with DD.

x x x

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  1. Thanks for sharing my egg..I added some tips in the comments on my post for if anyone does try it! we started eating it already and it tastes so good the candy letters and chocolate combo is rly suprisingly good (I wasn't sure because they're kind've hard on their own)...I think this type of DIY egg makes sooo much better gift than a store bought egg..I want to make more!! good luck with yours..check out the tips I added.


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