Saturday 27 February 2016

Parents and Parsnips

We recently had DD1's parents evening. Her teacher was full of praise about her hard work and progress. DD1 now receives no extra help in the classroom but will still get an extra 1:1 reading session each week because it's become routine for her and she enjoys it.
We are so proud of her!
As a special reward she got to choose where we ate dinner and picked a nice pub meal.

After our meal we popped into Asda for some petrol, so I decided to pop in store and check for yellow stickers. I'm so glad I did!

One bag of the 10p parsnips and some of the ginger is now a tasty parsnip soup. Perfect comfort food for a chilly weekend!


Tuesday 23 February 2016

Healthy reboot.

Hello everyone. We're finally getting somewhere at last health wise and long may it continue!
Now everyone is back at work and school its time for a healthy eating reboot.
Aldi super 6 this week are just 49p for leeks, limes, kiwis, swede,  sprouts and tomatoes. 
I've passed on the sprouts and added broccoli and blueberries. No point buying things we won't eat! 
But I'm looking forward to creating some healthy.dinners and snacks with all of these.

X x

Monday 15 February 2016

A trip to the zoo

We had a lovely family day out today at the zoo. 
We played our usual trick of walking around the zoo anti-clockwise to avoid the crowds. Being half term it was very busy. 
We took a packed lunch of corning pasties, fruit and biscuits. Plus a cheap multi pack of bottled water to keep everyone hydrated.

The girls loved spotting all the animals as we walked around. I was really impressed with their knowledge of animals, DD1 was the queen of facts.
We had our lunch watching the lemurs playing in the sunshine, which led to a conversation about Madagascar. DD1 wants to spenD tomorrow researching Madagascar as we didn't know the answer to several of her questions. Sounds like great fun to me.


Sunday 14 February 2016

Valentines Day Fun

We started our Valentines day with a delicious pub breakfast. We all stuffed ourselves silly on all of the continental and traditional English treats on offer. It was lovely to have Gman at the table with us this time. He had a good try of everything on offer.

I spent the afternoon in the garden with DD2. We potted up some bulbs I'd forgotten about in the back of the shed, and sowed some seeds. I also reorganised my aloe vera and potted up four baby plants. I will grow them on for the PTA plant stall I'm running in June. 

While we were outside, Hubby and DD1  had sneaked out to collect my Valentines gift. 13 new fishes! There was supposed to be 12 but somehow an extra fishy sneaked in there. Some have arrived already quite pregnant so hopefully my almost empty tank will be swarming with life soon.

                 What have you all been up too?

                                     X x x

Saturday 13 February 2016

We're back!

Deary me! Flu is not something to be trifled with. It's been two weeks since it hit and only now are we feeling  resonably well. There's still a little bit of it lingering on, but we are getting back to routine with a family update.
Hubby has booked the full half term off work, he only has to pop in occasionally if they need to borrow his keys. We're looking forward to lots of family time.
Me, I'm still feeling a bit tired and slugish from the flu but otherwise intact. Looking forward to get us back to routine.

DD1 - is the healthiest of us all! She is most looking forward to our trip to the zoo, and has started a half term diary to record all our adventures.

DD2 - Ended up on three lots of antibiotics. Two for eye infections and one for an ear infection. She is also a little more tired than normal but her giggly self is back. She is most looking forward to a swimming trip, and also has a diary like DD1 for recording adventures in.

Little G - Ended up with a chest infection from his battle with the flu and very sticky eyes. He is also back to his happy self and eating everything in sight to make up for lost time. He can't tell us but I strongly suspect he'd be most excited about our planned pub meal. 

So that's us. We're back with you. 
I will catch up with The Big Give shortly.

X x x

Monday 1 February 2016


Sorry for a complete lack of posts. We're a household hit hard by flu :(
 I have 2 small people on antibiotics for chest infections and 2 on antibiotic eye drops that have come with it.
 The only person unaffected so far is OH but think that it is probably on route.
 Please bear with me and I will soon get back on track.