Saturday 27 February 2016

Parents and Parsnips

We recently had DD1's parents evening. Her teacher was full of praise about her hard work and progress. DD1 now receives no extra help in the classroom but will still get an extra 1:1 reading session each week because it's become routine for her and she enjoys it.
We are so proud of her!
As a special reward she got to choose where we ate dinner and picked a nice pub meal.

After our meal we popped into Asda for some petrol, so I decided to pop in store and check for yellow stickers. I'm so glad I did!

One bag of the 10p parsnips and some of the ginger is now a tasty parsnip soup. Perfect comfort food for a chilly weekend!



  1. Hi Sarah..o i bet your so proud of your little girl..bless her she has worked hard. Glad you got the reduced veggies..good bargain.
    Can you pop on my blog to leave your name and address for i can send the pillowcases..

  2. Well done to your little one, its always nice to receive positive comments at parents evenings.
    Well done on those super healthy bargains too, your soup looks amazing! Glad you are all feeling well again. xx


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