Tuesday 13 August 2019

Old housewife trick

I found this dress today in a local charity shop. I think it should be the right size for DD2 but so far she's not in the mood to try it. 
It was laying on top of a rummage bin of 50p clothes. I thought it might have been accidently put in there as surely it should be on a hanger somewhere with a bigger price tag.
"It's got a mark on it, that's why it's only 50p. We thought someone might want it for the fabric." Said the shop assistant.

Sure enough there was a small bright red mark right on the dip of the neckline. A closer look led me to think it might be lipstick or possibly lip gloss. 
"I'll risk 50p and see if I can get it out," I told the assistant cheekily. She looked doubtful but rang our shopping up dutifully.

And voila! It most likely was a lipstick mark because a few drops of white rum shifted the mark a treat. Spirits are a very popular stain remover in my old housekeeping books. You just have to use a little extra care to use a clear spirit on white fabrics.

Well worth 50p! On closer inspection I now think the dress is handmade which makes me love it even more. Someone somewhere has spent hours creating this dress, I wonder what it's history is 🤔


Tuesday 6 August 2019

The Watercress Line; Day Out with Thomas

We have spent a wonderful day out at the Watercress Line. Gman was gifted a family ticket for his birthday so we'd planned the visit for a little while. 
The children all recieved Thomas themed tattoos though Baby W found hers most confusing.

Riding from station to station in different types of  steam trains and carriages took up most of the day. Each station has little activity tables to discover and scavenger hunts to complete.

We popped in to see Sir Topham Hatt himself to get our certificates signed and take a few photos. 

One of the stations were handing out some books on train safety which I thought was a wonderful idea. The children each came home with a sticker book and a storybook to enjoy.
 It was a wonderful day out as a family and I'd recommended a visit to any young family.

X x X