Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Old housewife trick

I found this dress today in a local charity shop. I think it should be the right size for DD2 but so far she's not in the mood to try it. 
It was laying on top of a rummage bin of 50p clothes. I thought it might have been accidently put in there as surely it should be on a hanger somewhere with a bigger price tag.
"It's got a mark on it, that's why it's only 50p. We thought someone might want it for the fabric." Said the shop assistant.

Sure enough there was a small bright red mark right on the dip of the neckline. A closer look led me to think it might be lipstick or possibly lip gloss. 
"I'll risk 50p and see if I can get it out," I told the assistant cheekily. She looked doubtful but rang our shopping up dutifully.

And voila! It most likely was a lipstick mark because a few drops of white rum shifted the mark a treat. Spirits are a very popular stain remover in my old housekeeping books. You just have to use a little extra care to use a clear spirit on white fabrics.

Well worth 50p! On closer inspection I now think the dress is handmade which makes me love it even more. Someone somewhere has spent hours creating this dress, I wonder what it's history is 🤔



  1. Oh how beautiful. Well done with the stain removal! It looks like a christening /bridesmaid dress. What a bargain!

  2. What a bargain. I would have bought that just for the fabric and beads.
    Glad your daughter is well again.

  3. How beautiful and what a bargain, I wonder if it was a Christening or confirmation dress? Hope your daughter loves it

  4. How lovely. Good for you in taking a risk.


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