Saturday 27 April 2013

Posted Lovelys

Looky what I got today.  A stunning pair of earrings from Blue Finch just for being a follower of her blog. Isn't that the sweetest gesture? And aren't they pretty, just my colours and so beautifully presented in a little silver box and the bird cut out. Thank you so much lovely Rachel.
 And the eagle eyed amongst you will spot the strawberry punnet peeking in the photo. Hubby picked up 3 punnets for £1 as the market was closing down for the day and remembered there a favourite of mine.

They will be just perfect for dessert after our pork chops and chips tonight. I'm thinking squirty cream and a sprinkle of sugar :)

x x x

The future is knitted

   A lady approached the knitting group I attend on Thursday and invited us all to enter a horticultural show's craft events. She left us a book which lists all the things we can enter if we like. I'm really tempted to go in for some. I love a challenge and the comp isn't until August so I have lots of time to work on some entries.
 The picture above is the bag I've nearly finished, I'm just working on the strap now and then need to sew it up. I'm so pleased with it and hope whoever receives it as a present appreciates it.
 Once the bag is finished I am going to work on my first entry for the show. A soft toy to be made in any type of handicraft. I've been scouting around the net for ideas and so far I am thinking of trying this .....

...with a little tweaking here and there. I'm also thinking of doing it with a fair isle patten to jazz it up, in mixed shades of blue. Hmmmmm... still not quite sure about it but it so much fun planning it all out.

What do you think readers? Am I brave or foolish to think about entering? And what about my toy idea?

X x X


Tuesday 23 April 2013

Trash to Treasure - Frame

  I've been seeing a lot of memory box frames on Pinterest lately and have been feeling inspired to make one but Box frames start from around £8 and I am on a budget! So when I found this frame in my fave charity shop for a measly 25p I nearly took their hand off. I think they were equally chuffed to be rid of the thing to be honest, the shop ladies told me these pictures used to be all the rage but people don't like them anymore.

 I can't say I blame them, look at it. Dead butterflies and dried flowers aren't really my cup of tea. But that beautiful gold frame is right up my street.

 Job 1; peeling off the brown tape, unscrewing the hanging eye and prising off the back panel.
 All surprisingly easy, I think age has helped make all the glue holding things together a lot less sticky.

  The back of the main fabric. This was just super glued around the frame and pretty easy to prise off piece by piece.


 Hold a minutes silence for the poor butterfly who partially disintegrated during the fabric removal. Ick!

 Clean the glass with some good ole Wilko's own window cleaner and a recycled holey towel.

 Use the back wooden panel to cut out a new background. I used this lovely embossed card from my craft stash.

 Now me being me, and having this idea of making a memory frame in my head, pretty much became a pack rat at SIL's wedding. I scooped up any and all bits and pieces I though I could use later while we were there.
 The petals and tiny diamonds were scattered at table decorations for the wedding breakfast. These are loose inside the frame.

 I also added some ribbon from the order of service from the church as the main book wouldn't fit into the frame. This is also loose inside the glass.
 On the background I artfully attached a favour bag, tucking my place card inside it. The other side is OH's hankie as he was an Usher. The two tags are from DD and Baby D's table presents, and the label from his table present is in the middle.

 Add the back to the front, seal it all up again and let it dry if you used glue.
  Give it a shake to artfully spread all the loose pieces in the frame or give it to your toddler for a few minutes so she can "help".
 Display in pride of place on your vintage dresser, or a mantel piece would probably work just as well LOL.

 I am so pleased with how this little project turned out! I was a perfect sunny afternoon activity and I really enjoyed the endless arranging it took to get it "just right". I am hoping to find some more frames soon and make one for each of the girls births and my own wedding. But the possibilities are endless really, how sweet would a Christmas theme one be, or Halloween?

x X x

Saturday 20 April 2013

Earth Day Cakes

 I saw the picture above on Pinterest a few days ago and felt inspired. It seemed like a fun and slightly silly thing to make with DD, while also being frugal and tasty.

Here is our attempt so far. The colours are brighter in real life, the photo makes them look really unappetizing for some reason.  Once they have cooled we will decorate them. I have some food coloring pens I bought an age ago, we are going to draw hearts and things on the top of each cake.
 I have bookmarked the idea for another day because DD really loved this and I can think of several variations we can try.

 And finally a drum-roll please..........................Pirate Princess DD has selected a winner for my stamp giveaway.

CONGRATULATIONS TO Amanda5449  - please email me your posting address and I will pop them in the post for you in the next few days.

 x x x

Friday 19 April 2013

It's been a hard week.


We have all had a nasty stomach bug at TFHMH. It's been a long week with each of us being ill and recovering in one long gross conga line. I had it first so by the time OH caught it after the kiddies I was recovered enough to hold the fort so it wasn't the disaster it could have been. Either way it's been hectic and tiring and very very disgusting all round.
Yesterday I managed to get out with DD for the first time since Saturday! We took advantage to the sunshine by playing the park for half an hour while getting some much needed supplies in. DD and Dolly both enjoyed the fresh air and DD isn't looking nearly as grey already.

Sea Monkey set - £1

We also treated ourselves to a quick mooch in our favorite charity shop and picked up a sea-monkey set. I've seen some adverts lately for Sea-Dragons which is the new look/name of  sea monkeys. I have no idea why it's changed but I suspect there is some logical reason behind it. 

I also found a couple of Agatha Christie books in the free bookshop. When we go on holiday soon we are hoping to visit her home in Torquay. I'm going to save these two books to read on the beach and in the sunshine.

 I will be drawing a winner for my giveaway later today, and I apologies for the delay in picking a winner. The joys of being poorly eh?

 x x x

Saturday 13 April 2013

Ending the holidays with a bake.

 It's been a busy few days here at FHMH. I have a girly afternoon yesterday with my girly friends and assorting small children. We were all going to feed the ducks but the weather trapped us in. Instead we made Brownies and watched some movies on Sky.
 Like a good wife I managed to hide a few Brownies back for Daddy. I had a mini disaster because I'd run out of greaseproof paper, hence the brownies were made in disposable pie dishes lol.
Today we have been making coconut flapjacks. I've not tried the recipe before but it two of Hubbys fave things mushed together so he should be thrilled. I'm going to cover it in melted chocolate to, hopefully creating a bounty effect.

And finally you still have time to comment on my giveaway post here to win these three little stamps.
 Looking forward to picking a winner tomorrow and getting them posted out on Monday when I run some errands in Town.

  x x x

Thursday 11 April 2013

Bloggy Blanket Squares

 I'm really enjoying some dejunking at the moment. I've been dragging out a carrier bag or box of crapola a few times a day and just sifting through the contents. DD has loved finding my "secrets" and I've amazed myself at the amount of things I've stashed for "later".
 For example the art stuff above was a competition prize I won ages ago. I've never even used it, but it now on my pile of nice things for taking on holiday. I'm about half way through the cupboard of doom now!

I have also just heard about FM's idea of making crochet blankets for the needy. She has asked on her blog for squares to be sent to her to sew together and she will then distribute the finished blankets locally. I think the first one went to someone in an old peoples home.
 It's the perfect project for me to use up some of my massive stash of tiny bits of wool. I hate throwing scraps away but I never have enough for any projects.
  So between toilet training DD this Easter Holiday and dejunking I have whipped up some squares to post off in the next few days towards the next blanket.
 Having a quick count tells me I have actually managed 14 squares in all those odds minutes to crochet. Don't those minutes soon add up?

x x x

Monday 8 April 2013

It's a Giveaway Day

 As some of my regular readers will know I am currently working through my ginormous stash of crafting goodies. I just don't have time to do all the little things I have stashed away now I'm a busy mummy type. Today I hooked out a tin of goodies and found three little stamps I don't think I have ever used. I'm not even sure where they came from but they have Anita's and Size A on them if that helps anyone out. I think they would look super sweet on handmade cards or scrapbook pages perhaps.
 All you have to do is leave a little comment on this post and I will pick out a winner next Sunday and get them posted off to you on Monday. Feel free to share this Giveaway on your own blogs.

Here's a little something else I found stashed in that tin. Some old Charity stamps that I found in my Nana's possessions when she passed away. They look like typical envelope decoration until you look closer,

I think they go by Scope now which is a bit more PC. It made me both chuckle and gasp when I spotted the writing on them.

x x x

Saturday 6 April 2013

Yesterday's wedding.

 My Sister in Law is officially starting her first day as a Mrs this morning. I can remember waking up the morning after my wedding and telling myself I was now Mrs S.... it's an odd feeling I can tell you. I still have days where I write my old surname on forms lol.
 The wedding was lovely, although the photo's outside were rather chilly. Lisa was really sweet though and rearranged things with the photographer so any photos involving small kiddies were taken first so we could get them warmed up in cars asap.
 Hopefully some of the days photos will be up soon as I can show you how we all scrubbed up as a family.

 In other news today is the Grand National. It's the only time in the year I have a little flutter, though occasionally put £1 on England to win the World Cup.
 If either me or my hubby picks a winner we get a takeaway with our winnings, if none of our horses come in then whichever of us picked the worst horse has to do the washing up tonight. So it's high stakes indeed! So who have I picked this year?

Imperial Commander

Because I like the name and have the Star Wars trilogy to watch soon.


Because I like the name. I also think the outfit looks like someone who has had their head dipped in treacle.

 Wonder if I'll win :)

x x x

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Wedding preparations for Friday

I'm airing out our wedding outfits ready for Friday in the peak of sun we've had today.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

This weekend I have mostly been...

 ....hiding large Easter eggs in clever places. Dolly was a conspirator on this one! Don't tell DD or Dolly will be sent straight to the naughty corner.
 ...hiding small eggs and chocolate coin around the flat for tiny people to discover.
 ....decorating eggs with shrink wraps.
 ...making pancakes with Nanny.

...visiting a local craft fair.

.... having tea and cake at the aforementioned craft fair.

... getting DD used to her pretty bridesmaid shoes for Friday's wedding. She calls them her Princess shoes :)

x x x