Saturday 6 April 2013

Yesterday's wedding.

 My Sister in Law is officially starting her first day as a Mrs this morning. I can remember waking up the morning after my wedding and telling myself I was now Mrs S.... it's an odd feeling I can tell you. I still have days where I write my old surname on forms lol.
 The wedding was lovely, although the photo's outside were rather chilly. Lisa was really sweet though and rearranged things with the photographer so any photos involving small kiddies were taken first so we could get them warmed up in cars asap.
 Hopefully some of the days photos will be up soon as I can show you how we all scrubbed up as a family.

 In other news today is the Grand National. It's the only time in the year I have a little flutter, though occasionally put £1 on England to win the World Cup.
 If either me or my hubby picks a winner we get a takeaway with our winnings, if none of our horses come in then whichever of us picked the worst horse has to do the washing up tonight. So it's high stakes indeed! So who have I picked this year?

Imperial Commander

Because I like the name and have the Star Wars trilogy to watch soon.


Because I like the name. I also think the outfit looks like someone who has had their head dipped in treacle.

 Wonder if I'll win :)

x x x


  1. what a lovely bride and groom. She's a tiny little thing, or is her dh very tall?

    Gill in Canada

  2. I love their expressions, so natural. I think some of the best photos are taken by those who are not 'official' photos.

    She has the same flowers that my granny had when she got married.

    Sft x


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