Tuesday 23 April 2013

Trash to Treasure - Frame

  I've been seeing a lot of memory box frames on Pinterest lately and have been feeling inspired to make one but Box frames start from around £8 and I am on a budget! So when I found this frame in my fave charity shop for a measly 25p I nearly took their hand off. I think they were equally chuffed to be rid of the thing to be honest, the shop ladies told me these pictures used to be all the rage but people don't like them anymore.

 I can't say I blame them, look at it. Dead butterflies and dried flowers aren't really my cup of tea. But that beautiful gold frame is right up my street.

 Job 1; peeling off the brown tape, unscrewing the hanging eye and prising off the back panel.
 All surprisingly easy, I think age has helped make all the glue holding things together a lot less sticky.

  The back of the main fabric. This was just super glued around the frame and pretty easy to prise off piece by piece.


 Hold a minutes silence for the poor butterfly who partially disintegrated during the fabric removal. Ick!

 Clean the glass with some good ole Wilko's own window cleaner and a recycled holey towel.

 Use the back wooden panel to cut out a new background. I used this lovely embossed card from my craft stash.

 Now me being me, and having this idea of making a memory frame in my head, pretty much became a pack rat at SIL's wedding. I scooped up any and all bits and pieces I though I could use later while we were there.
 The petals and tiny diamonds were scattered at table decorations for the wedding breakfast. These are loose inside the frame.

 I also added some ribbon from the order of service from the church as the main book wouldn't fit into the frame. This is also loose inside the glass.
 On the background I artfully attached a favour bag, tucking my place card inside it. The other side is OH's hankie as he was an Usher. The two tags are from DD and Baby D's table presents, and the label from his table present is in the middle.

 Add the back to the front, seal it all up again and let it dry if you used glue.
  Give it a shake to artfully spread all the loose pieces in the frame or give it to your toddler for a few minutes so she can "help".
 Display in pride of place on your vintage dresser, or a mantel piece would probably work just as well LOL.

 I am so pleased with how this little project turned out! I was a perfect sunny afternoon activity and I really enjoyed the endless arranging it took to get it "just right". I am hoping to find some more frames soon and make one for each of the girls births and my own wedding. But the possibilities are endless really, how sweet would a Christmas theme one be, or Halloween?

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  1. Beautiful. I have a picture box frame with pictures of my mum from the 1940's and 50's, flowers from her funeral, a beautiful reading, I think they are fabulous and say so much more than just a print in a frame x

  2. You have turned that frame into a treasure!

    Sft x

  3. I love this idea!
    Your masterpiece looks lovely!

  4. I love this idea first time seeing it and has inspired me to make one,will check out Charity shops:-)


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