Saturday 13 April 2013

Ending the holidays with a bake.

 It's been a busy few days here at FHMH. I have a girly afternoon yesterday with my girly friends and assorting small children. We were all going to feed the ducks but the weather trapped us in. Instead we made Brownies and watched some movies on Sky.
 Like a good wife I managed to hide a few Brownies back for Daddy. I had a mini disaster because I'd run out of greaseproof paper, hence the brownies were made in disposable pie dishes lol.
Today we have been making coconut flapjacks. I've not tried the recipe before but it two of Hubbys fave things mushed together so he should be thrilled. I'm going to cover it in melted chocolate to, hopefully creating a bounty effect.

And finally you still have time to comment on my giveaway post here to win these three little stamps.
 Looking forward to picking a winner tomorrow and getting them posted out on Monday when I run some errands in Town.

  x x x


  1. Looks like you had good girly fun. I would love that but all my friends work full time, Im the only one who only works a few days a week and have school holidays off!
    Brownies look lovely! x

  2. yummy, i looove brownies, but dont cook them too often as theyare my downfall :))

  3. That sounds like a perfect girly day when the weather is rubbish!

    Sft x


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