Saturday 20 April 2013

Earth Day Cakes

 I saw the picture above on Pinterest a few days ago and felt inspired. It seemed like a fun and slightly silly thing to make with DD, while also being frugal and tasty.

Here is our attempt so far. The colours are brighter in real life, the photo makes them look really unappetizing for some reason.  Once they have cooled we will decorate them. I have some food coloring pens I bought an age ago, we are going to draw hearts and things on the top of each cake.
 I have bookmarked the idea for another day because DD really loved this and I can think of several variations we can try.

 And finally a drum-roll please..........................Pirate Princess DD has selected a winner for my stamp giveaway.

CONGRATULATIONS TO Amanda5449  - please email me your posting address and I will pop them in the post for you in the next few days.

 x x x


  1. they look fab I may give these a go with Lil lady x

  2. Thanks Princess DD!
    Will look forward to receiving them! x

  3. Congrats Amanda!

    Lovely cakes.

    Sft x


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