Wednesday 31 October 2012

I know something scarier!

 At the moment you can watch all 4 Omen movies for free on Sky on Demand.
  I can remember the first time I saw the first movie and it scared the pants of me. I think I was about 14-15 and I swore to never have kids ever just in case lol.
 Now I have a toddler it seems like more of a comedy because even Damien can't match DD on her grumpiest day!
 Still it is a frugal way to enjoy a little bit of Halloween. Apart from drawing some bats with DD this morning and knitting a toddler sized pumpkin hat, it's the only Halloween types things I'm doing
  How are you all celebrating Halloween or how are you avoiding it?
x  x x

Monday 29 October 2012

Monday musings

Not bad for a day's knitting and just in time for Halloween. Baby D looks rather fetching I think.

 We gave the hat a test run when we went to our 6 week checkup. My doctors surgery is fantastic in an emergency but routine/non emergency appointments can take weeks hence The D is almost 10 weeks lol.
 She past super flying colours and is on the 75th percentile for almost everything. She even flirted with the Dr a little with big gummy grins.
 Me on the other hand is not such good news. My blood test shows an infection brewing somewhere and anaemia. So I am back on 3 types of tablets again plus "The Pill". So from tomorrow afternoon if I run too fast I fully expect to rattle!
 Ho Hum!

x x x

Sunday 28 October 2012

10 thing that make me smile

 Inspired by the lovely Foster Mummy on her  blog here is my list;

1;  Watching DD shout at a snail for being to slow
2;  Baby D attempting to laugh but just coming out with a squeaky cough
3;  OH and DD having massive playfights complete with play acting arguements
4; The smell of a roast dinner being cooked
5; Knowing that if the world ended tomorrow that I have lived a happy life
6;Crumpets with jam and butter that runs down your arm as you eat it
7; The cold side of the pillow
8; DD trying to catch Autumn leaves as they fall off the trees
9; Being randomly kissed by OH for absolutely no reason
10; All my bloggy friends and there clever ideas and comments :)

 What are yours?

x x x

Sunday crafts

  Look at my snazzy craft shelf! Isn't it coming on nicely? The formula pots are perfect for all those silly little things that clutter the -place up. I certainly don't miss looking at them all. But I wasn't happy with that middle shelf. It looked all left out and dull.
 So I hooked out an old box from a toiletries that I received last Christmas and decorated.
 I used some brown paper from a delivery at the shop, we get tons of it because its used as padding from a supplier. I also ripped up the left overs from covering the formula pots and collaged them on. And finally I finished it off with a few cut outs from my stash. Covered it with a few layers of PVA and let it dry. (the scissors are wedging the lid open as it drys)
Doesn't that look better? The scissors, glue, sellotape etc now has an out of sight home, and my storage fits in with my nautical theme! On the left of the box is my AoG journal, the craft book we are currently working through, some photo album paper that didn't fit in the box (boo) and the folder I keep A4 card and paper in.

I had some left over scraps from the box so my next project will be this 99p store folder. The plan is to match it to the box for DD's homeschooling papers and activity sheets. I will reveal it all soon.

 Then it will be onto a furniture project so watch this space :)

x x x

Saturday 27 October 2012

Waste not Want not

 This (badly taken) photo is of a jacket I wore to death while I was pregnant. It's gone all bibbly bobbly, the tummy area is stretched out and there is a small hole in one of the arms for some reason. I stashed it in the cupboard of doom shortly after having Baby D and have just uncovered it as I began to have a sort through. So I waited till the wee ones were asleep and got to work with some scissors.
I now have 4 large pieces for drying glass dishes, 8 cleaning cloths and 4 very bizarre shaped scraps for dirty jobs (cleaning shoes, scrubbing really filthy things). I don't bother washing the tiny scraps and just chuck them. But the rest will be used and reused until death and then probably end up on a compost heap.
 The zip isn't very trustworthy so I'm planning to attempt this with it.
And I have a cunning plan for the cuffs and collar so watch this space!
 Last and not least the tags and label have been added to DD sticking bits pot because I was determined to use every single piece.

 So I have a better stocked cloth drawer and 2 projects to entertain me from one manky old jacket. Not bad eh?

x x x

Friday 26 October 2012

Frugal Roses

 I love the Autumn and so does my DD.  I'm constantly being given pretty leaves as a gift on our walks and trips out. We have amassed a small collection which I have dried in our airing cupboard for some sticking and painting activities soon but while meandering the Internet I came across this website and decided to have a go.
And Voila! I'm really pleased with how these came out, I have popped them into a vase for now on the dining table. But next time I venture out the house I will be sure to pick up another handful and do this again.
 And apart from a tiny piece of tape to secure the last leaf on each rose and a leaf surround this project is completely free!

x x x

Wednesday 24 October 2012

On the needles

This is my current project on my needles. It's a fantastic stash buster for all those bits and pieces left over from other projects. I've almost finished the Blue round as you can see. I'm thinking about using up my white wool and "fancy" wools next. All those horrible fluffy/bobbly novelty wools that look lovely but are actually awful to knit with.
 I'm off to town for the day for my knitting club and a mooch around the shops. Hopefully I will have some bargains to share with you shortly.
x x x

Outing adventures

 It's been a horrible week weather wise down this way. Poor DD has been going nuts stuck indoors and was in desperate need to have a long walk in the open air. So OH rather cleverly suggested a trip to the local zoo on his next day off. The weather was overcast but dry on the day so we packed our coats and jumpers and headed off.
 Penguins are DD's favourites at the moment still so we spent a long time just watching their antics.
 Baby D was snuggled in her buggy and happily watched the world go by for most of the day. She was much admired by several of the other mums and a few little girls as we wandered around.
 DD is fascinated by anything animal and was completely in her element. We could barely keep up with all her questions and observations.
My wonderful family posing for a photo.

By the time we got home DD's feet were dragging big time and she was clutching her souvenier stickers with a death grip. She even nodded off still hugging them lol.

x x x

Sunday 21 October 2012

Work in progress

 I thought I would share the art journal backgrounds I made last night while watching some bits on Iplayer. The first page is torn up tissue paper from various baby gifts. I layered it randomly over the page and then gave it a good covering of watered down PVA. The colours are a lot brighter in real life.
  Page two is made with strips of envelopes. I saw the idea on a google search and I never noticed the amazing range of patterns and colours hidden away. The brown oblongs are from a reply envelope I didn't need. I really like how this one turned out.

 I'm really enjoying working on my art journal and prepping it for the challenge in November. I'm finding it hard to resist filling the pages in rather than just making backgrounds. So tempted!

x x x

Saturday 20 October 2012

It's a Druff!

 DD has been an absolute angel this morning. While I was running about getting various jobs done, she entertained Baby D with silly faces, kisses and cuddles. Even popping her dummy back in her mouth when she dropped it (after sucking it first to clean it off like mummy does!) and tucking D's feet back in when she kicked off her covers..
 I told her that for being so good we could do some drawing and sticking together.
 So I gave her the stash pile of activities and she picked out this one to colour and cut out. We picked it up ages ago as a freebie from Marwell Zoo. I always try to pick up free colouring pages and activity sheets when I spot them and stash them for rainy days and treats. It's a lot more frugal than buying colouring books.
Me; What have we made DD?
DD; It's a Druff
Me; Gi-raffe say it with me Gi-raffe
DD; Der-ruff
Me; Gi-raffe
DD; Der-ruff
Me; Gi-raffe
DD- Gi-raffe
Me; Well done DD, now what is it?
DD; Silly Mummy, it's a Druff
Me; Sigh, okay it's a Druff.


x x x

Friday 19 October 2012

A new blog challenge

 I'm planning to join in with the month long Attitude of Gratitude challenge in November. At the moment I am prepping so I am ready to get started. Using a video tutorial on the AoG blog I made this notebook above. I was given a roll of lining paper for wallpaper a few months ago for crafty things and the paper is the perfect thickness for sticking and painting etc. I decorated the cover with some torn up index pages from my trusty craft atlas and cut letters from a freebie newspaper. I'm really pleased with how it came out.
 I also wanted to share these two snaps of DD and Baby D in one of there new outfits from the other day. I think they look rather smart myself. Though DD's shirt is a little on the big side.
DD's t shirt says "Will trade sister for video games!" It should go down a storm in our shop when she wears it :)
My plans for this afternoon are to crochet while watching a movie with DD, it's a horrible rainy day outside so we have busted out the Disney.
x x x

Thursday 18 October 2012

99p store craft

 Aren't these coasters hideous? If you pop into your local 99p store with a spare 99p you to can own this amazing set of coaster tat lol. However they are perfect for a frugal crafter! With a little bit of PVA and some nifty scissor work you can create.....
...your very own set of trendy nautical coasters! I used a page from my trusty craft atlas (my favourite thing to use at the moment) and cut out a few fish from an old book I picked up for crafty purposes. I think they look really swish! Perfect for my dinner table.

x x x

Wednesday 17 October 2012

It's another wartime challege

 Cassie at Crafty Mum has set her third wartime challenge. This time we were challenged to make a war time game from this site. So this morning while Baby D was napping and DD needed a nice quiet distraction we busted out the craft supplies and got to work.

 Here is DD proudly showing off her morning hard work of sticking, colouring and gluing. We didn't have a shoebox lid as the instructions demanded so we improvised by cutting a cereal box in half. I've saved the other half so we can make this again later.We also didn't have any elastic so we just threw our cotton wool balls into "Bert's" mouth. Don't ask me why everything and anything is being called Bert at the moment, I'm just going with the flow lol.
 And yes that would be a biscuit she added in the corner for artistic effect. It was later eaten as a post craft snack.

 And here he is in all his glory. Not bad for a mornings work. I'm hoping he will survive until Daddy gets in from work so we can all have a try at flinging cotton wool balls at Bert.
 Thank you Cassie for a wonderful entertaining and quiet morning. I think next time we make it I might do a Christmas themed one, with cotton wool glued on the box as snow, and a snowman or Santa to fling things at. Or possibly a Halloween themed one with a spider web box and a ghost to aim for. So many possibilities!

And the best bit?,......

 The wonderful half hour nap DD took after all that crafting excitement. Watched over of course by a well rested little sister.

x x x

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Who says kids are expensive?

 Do you remember the double buggy we found in a local charity shop? Well we scored big in the very same shop again today! As soon as we walked in the door for a mooch about the lady on the till said she had just filled up the 4 for £1 basket with baby girls clothes. So I picked up;
1x Play suit
1x White coat (BNWT for £8!)
1x Dress (BNWT for £4!)
3x T-shirts saying various cute things
3x Trousers

 Total price £2.25  Not bad at all to keep Baby D looking sharp.
And that's not all as there were also plenty of items in the bargain box for DD to;
4x Trousers
3x T-shirts
1x Dress
1x Pyjama set

Again all this was a teeny tiny £2.25 so for less than a fiver both my girls have nicely update wardrobes. Not to shabby.

I also picked up two wonderful hand knitted jumpers in another local charity shop for just £1 each. I really like the purple one, it is so comfy and super warm. The green one however I'm not so certain about, I might pop it in my clothes cupboard for a little while and if I find it isn't being worn I shall unravel to make into something a tad nicer. That what I love about knitting, if you get bored of your creations you can just unravel it and begin again.

Take care everyone
x x x

Monday 15 October 2012

Fellow bloggers round up

 Today I thought I'd be lazy as I have a hectic day coming up. So here a few links to some fellow bloggers posts you may enjoy.

 The lovely Angela at Tracing Rainbows is pondering on purple.

The always happy Ilona is cooking with peppermints.

Chirpy Christine at Smiles and Trials is celebrating a birthday.

And the fabulous Froogs is continuing her Stoptober challeng

 Enjoy your blog hopping and keep your eyes peeled for another post from me later once I've stood still long enough to organise it lol
x x x

Sunday 14 October 2012

Stretching the goodies

 One of out favourite evening snacks here is chips and dip. The perfect little savoury something to nibble watching a movie or football match. And as with all little somethings though they can be expensive. So here is how we make the most of what we have.
  The label on the dip says that it must be eaten up with 48 hours of opening. That's a lot of dip to eat in a short period even with two greedy people like me and OH! One pot will last us for 2 evenings of dipping on its own with half a bag of chips or any veggies we have to hand. So here is our secret.
 We grab a pair of scissors and cut the pots apart carefully along the joins. We use one pot at a time making the whole packet last a week or more of dipping. Much less wasteful than opening the whole thing as directed and wasting half of it.

x x x

Sunday's happenings

 I was so tired after my day of shopping yesterday that I didn't have a chance to blog. I had such a lovely but busy day. First we went to M&S where I finally got around to having a proper bra fitting and treated myself to two new bras and a few packs of pants. M&S make the best pants ever IMHO.
 All I brought for the rest of the day was a moss green Laura Ashley top for 99p in a charity shop, and two Peppa Pig books for DD in another charity shop. I just enjoyed being out somewhere different for a change.
 By the time we got home though we were all completely knackered. OH being the complete sweetheart he is had made his famous potato and corn beef dinner. Isn't he trained well?
 Today I have finished knitting a pair of mittens for Baby D, here she is trying them on for a bit while on Daddy's lap. I used the free patten here.
 I'm rather pleased with how they turned out and they made a lovely project for nap times.
 DD is being a complete pickle at the moment and is getting into everything! Anything left within her reach has to be investigated. Be it cans of drink or a pile of folded washing. Everything holds an interested for her, and if you say she can't have it she seems to find it even more fascinating.
Baby D is growing like a weed and now happily plays on her baby gym for 10-15 minutes at a time. After all that wiggling about and batting the toys around she falls straight to sleep. As you can see sometimes she doesn't even wait to be moved into her basket. It's a tough life isn't it?

x x x

Friday 12 October 2012

Normal service must resume!

 Baby D is now a whole 7 weeks old now and we are beginning to get 5 hours between feeds at night :)
So I am feeling a lot more human and ready for action. This past week has been really busy as well with family meals, my birthday, our first date night in about 4 months and we are all recovering from a second bout of coughs and colds.
  Today has been spent pottering around the house, keeping the two reasonably happy were possible and reading lots of blogs that needed catching up on. I have deleted a couple "dead" blogs from my reading list and added a few new ones, mostly about large families. I find it quite inspiring to read about families with 8,10 or even 15 children on those days where I think I can't be bothered to push the hoover round or wash up after lunch etc. OH and I have always wanted to have a large family so if I can't keep things up together with two children how will I ever cope with another 1,2,3 or even more in the future?

 Tomorrow I am being taken on a birthday clothes shopping trip by my mum. My dad is driver and child entertainer for the afternoon so we can really get into it. So I will hopefully have a bit of a fashion show for you on tomorrows post.

x x x

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Who's got a clever nanny?

 First of all I would like to wish my Dad a very Happy Birthday today. I know he pops in for a read now and again :)
 And so onto the main post today. Look at my mum's latest quilting creation! A stunning baby blanket for Baby D. The colours are a gorgeous mix of greens and yellows with just a touch of blue, and all out the softest materials.
I really like the little owl fabric, they have the cutest little faces. And it's backed in some lovely bobble textured fleece for extra snugness. Baby D has been snug as a bug this afternoon, and Nanny has provided it in perfect timing as the temperature here has been dropping steadily this week.

x x x

Tuesday 2 October 2012

The price of my freedom?

 So being a mummy on a budget is difficult, and being a mummy of two on a budget is even more squeaky! One of our biggest issues was whether to buy a double buggy or stick with the two single buggies we already own. At a cost of between £150-£200 it wasn't really something we wanted to decide on lightly so thought we would carry on with the two singles and see how we went.
 After six weeks of only being able to go out the house if someone was with me to push the other buggy, I have found myself going mad. Poor DD hasn't been to single social event since a week before Baby D arrived, as most of them happen while OH is a work.
 We started researching them on Ebay and Gumtree to see if we could find a cheaper second hand one yesterday. Today we went for a family walk to the local shops to pick up some milk and decided by chance to pop into a local charity shop. And there it was! An almost perfect twin buggy, complete with foot muff, head rest, rain cover  and manual.
 We gave it a good look over and the lady behind the till let us give it a quick try out to check everything was in order. We brought it then and there and asked to pick it up later on today and finished our shopping in record time. OH popped back and picked it up within the hour and it is currently drying on our kitchen floor after a clean over and the covers popped in the wash.
  I will now be able to pop out for supplies as needed, take the girls for walks to the ducks in the sunshine (when it appears), hop on the bus into town or the beach or local attractions etc etc.
 And the price of my freedom to access the big wide world? A rather reasonable £25!
Quite a bargain if you ask me :)

x x x