Sunday 28 October 2012

Sunday crafts

  Look at my snazzy craft shelf! Isn't it coming on nicely? The formula pots are perfect for all those silly little things that clutter the -place up. I certainly don't miss looking at them all. But I wasn't happy with that middle shelf. It looked all left out and dull.
 So I hooked out an old box from a toiletries that I received last Christmas and decorated.
 I used some brown paper from a delivery at the shop, we get tons of it because its used as padding from a supplier. I also ripped up the left overs from covering the formula pots and collaged them on. And finally I finished it off with a few cut outs from my stash. Covered it with a few layers of PVA and let it dry. (the scissors are wedging the lid open as it drys)
Doesn't that look better? The scissors, glue, sellotape etc now has an out of sight home, and my storage fits in with my nautical theme! On the left of the box is my AoG journal, the craft book we are currently working through, some photo album paper that didn't fit in the box (boo) and the folder I keep A4 card and paper in.

I had some left over scraps from the box so my next project will be this 99p store folder. The plan is to match it to the box for DD's homeschooling papers and activity sheets. I will reveal it all soon.

 Then it will be onto a furniture project so watch this space :)

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  1. That looks great! Do you want to come round and sort out my shelves. They look horribly messy and untidy next to yours!


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