Sunday 14 October 2012

Sunday's happenings

 I was so tired after my day of shopping yesterday that I didn't have a chance to blog. I had such a lovely but busy day. First we went to M&S where I finally got around to having a proper bra fitting and treated myself to two new bras and a few packs of pants. M&S make the best pants ever IMHO.
 All I brought for the rest of the day was a moss green Laura Ashley top for 99p in a charity shop, and two Peppa Pig books for DD in another charity shop. I just enjoyed being out somewhere different for a change.
 By the time we got home though we were all completely knackered. OH being the complete sweetheart he is had made his famous potato and corn beef dinner. Isn't he trained well?
 Today I have finished knitting a pair of mittens for Baby D, here she is trying them on for a bit while on Daddy's lap. I used the free patten here.
 I'm rather pleased with how they turned out and they made a lovely project for nap times.
 DD is being a complete pickle at the moment and is getting into everything! Anything left within her reach has to be investigated. Be it cans of drink or a pile of folded washing. Everything holds an interested for her, and if you say she can't have it she seems to find it even more fascinating.
Baby D is growing like a weed and now happily plays on her baby gym for 10-15 minutes at a time. After all that wiggling about and batting the toys around she falls straight to sleep. As you can see sometimes she doesn't even wait to be moved into her basket. It's a tough life isn't it?

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