Tuesday 2 October 2012

The price of my freedom?

 So being a mummy on a budget is difficult, and being a mummy of two on a budget is even more squeaky! One of our biggest issues was whether to buy a double buggy or stick with the two single buggies we already own. At a cost of between £150-£200 it wasn't really something we wanted to decide on lightly so thought we would carry on with the two singles and see how we went.
 After six weeks of only being able to go out the house if someone was with me to push the other buggy, I have found myself going mad. Poor DD hasn't been to single social event since a week before Baby D arrived, as most of them happen while OH is a work.
 We started researching them on Ebay and Gumtree to see if we could find a cheaper second hand one yesterday. Today we went for a family walk to the local shops to pick up some milk and decided by chance to pop into a local charity shop. And there it was! An almost perfect twin buggy, complete with foot muff, head rest, rain cover  and manual.
 We gave it a good look over and the lady behind the till let us give it a quick try out to check everything was in order. We brought it then and there and asked to pick it up later on today and finished our shopping in record time. OH popped back and picked it up within the hour and it is currently drying on our kitchen floor after a clean over and the covers popped in the wash.
  I will now be able to pop out for supplies as needed, take the girls for walks to the ducks in the sunshine (when it appears), hop on the bus into town or the beach or local attractions etc etc.
 And the price of my freedom to access the big wide world? A rather reasonable £25!
Quite a bargain if you ask me :)

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  1. Brilliant bargain - I see it comes with a matching grey and white oven glove!!
    blessings x

    [manual??? never had them in my day - does it explain how to push it in a straight line or what?]

  2. that is just wonderful - i often see really good baby stuff in charity shops and my kids were kitted out second hand, a good clean and it's as good as new -

  3. That is marvellous - well done you!
    So far everything GD has for her baby (due in Jan) is second hand, quite a lot of it is from when I had her! My friends and her friends too will turn up with bits and bobs from charity shops. The only things planned for new are mattresses for the moses basket and the cotbed!
    FM x


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