Sunday 14 October 2012

Stretching the goodies

 One of out favourite evening snacks here is chips and dip. The perfect little savoury something to nibble watching a movie or football match. And as with all little somethings though they can be expensive. So here is how we make the most of what we have.
  The label on the dip says that it must be eaten up with 48 hours of opening. That's a lot of dip to eat in a short period even with two greedy people like me and OH! One pot will last us for 2 evenings of dipping on its own with half a bag of chips or any veggies we have to hand. So here is our secret.
 We grab a pair of scissors and cut the pots apart carefully along the joins. We use one pot at a time making the whole packet last a week or more of dipping. Much less wasteful than opening the whole thing as directed and wasting half of it.

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  1. read your post just after this one

    it is obviously Chip'n'Dip Season

    blessings xx

  2. Good idea. I like those dips, Tesco do one for 98p, without the pinky/orange seafood, which suits me better. The seafood one is too spicy for me. I fold back the wrapper a bit at a time. The pack doesn't last long here as I slosh it on my steamed veg dinners. But then I take no notice of the dates anyway.


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