Wednesday 31 October 2012

I know something scarier!

 At the moment you can watch all 4 Omen movies for free on Sky on Demand.
  I can remember the first time I saw the first movie and it scared the pants of me. I think I was about 14-15 and I swore to never have kids ever just in case lol.
 Now I have a toddler it seems like more of a comedy because even Damien can't match DD on her grumpiest day!
 Still it is a frugal way to enjoy a little bit of Halloween. Apart from drawing some bats with DD this morning and knitting a toddler sized pumpkin hat, it's the only Halloween types things I'm doing
  How are you all celebrating Halloween or how are you avoiding it?
x  x x


  1. Not planning to celebrate, may have some little trickers come round though! :)

    The original, first omen film is one of the scariest films ever.. they don't make them like that now..

    Sft x

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