Thursday 1 November 2012

AoG Day 1; Wholeheartedness

  I really liked today's quote so I decided to write it out nicely and add it to my page. And as our challenge today was to work with a colour we didn't like I chose to make this page as pink as possible. The tissue paper background I prepared earlier was perfect for today, I feel a bit psychic lol.
 My next plan is to let the glue dry and then seal the whole page with some good ole PVA and a little water. But it will have to wait because.....
Baby D is sleeping on my face. I took the picture above with my webcam so you could see my predicament. I think this post has come out rather well considering I typed it with one hand and at a funny angle.

x x x


  1. Sarah, love your collage page in pink! Baby photo precious!

  2. There's nothing like introducing art at a young age. Plus your one handed typing is excellent. Well done on completing the page

  3. Oh Sarah, I think your page is amazing such a happy page. I never used to "do" pink and living in a male household don't get much chance but in my later years I am tending to wear pink more and more (unheard of in my youth!). Oh I adore your baby, I just love babies and often feel sad that I couldn't have more than one and that was a blurr of 3 years of PND. I'd love a cuddle. BJ sigh.

  4. Oh the things you can get done even with a sleeping babe in your arms! Funny how both of us went for pink!

  5. I like your pink page! Very vibrant and alive. Spending time with your precious babe takes precedence over anything in my book :)

  6. That looks pretty and I love the picture of you and the baby. :) Pink is one of my fave colors though. :)


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