Tuesday, 6 November 2012

AoG Day 6; Technology

 Day 6 already? Is is just me that's a bit scared by this? Can someone slow time down for me a touch?

I have decided to just give in to fate and concentrate on the quotes from here on in. However I just had absolutely no inspiration today. I don't if I just wasn't feeling it or because I have a cold (again!) or some other random reason. In the end I decided I had to at least do something even if its only temporary so here is today's attempt. Don't laugh! Its just layers of card and some stickers I liked. I will replace it with something more expressive shortly.
 I have also realised why so many of you do your pages on separate pieces of paper and then bind them at the end! I had a small glue disaster earlier which nearly wiped everything out :(
 I have however finally finished my home school folder. This definitely came out better than I even imagined. I collaged brown paper and map fragments onto the folder. Once it was dry I added some old sea themed tea cards and them covered the whole thing in a layer of greaseproof paper. I love the way it looks like your looking through a film of water at the cards.
And I am off to bed to watch some Jezza and dive headfirst into this chocolaty goodness.
x x x


  1. Your chocolate has me craving some! Glad you gave it a try...every day is a LOT, I am finding out, too! And I agree, "next time", I am going to do individual pages or whole layouts. My booklet isn't the greatest for these surprise techniques! But I love trying them so will adapt.

  2. I'm impressed that you still gave it a go under the circumstances. I would have beem tempted to leave it, promising myself to come back to it - although possibly never making it back!

  3. I think sometimes it is a better idea to give it go as you did, if I get behind in challenges like this then it gets too much and I end up not finishing.

  4. still a great looking page i hope you are felling better soon x

  5. Better to just give it a go than to do nothing. I find if I'm uninspired when I sit down, I just start with spreading some paint on the page and not thinking too much about creating. Just have fun! You can always paste your text on the page and move on to the next day. Hope you feel better soon!


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