Friday 30 November 2012

Back to Frugality

  It's looks like there are going to be some dark times ahead for us at TFHMH. As a family that pretty much live on there CTC & WTC (Tax credits), all the info about universal credit is worrying us. OH is the bread winner, but he is a self-employed breadwinner But what will be will be. In the mean time we can make good use of our knowledge by squeezing as many pennies as possible and saving what and where we can.
 So when we need something we will try to get it for free, make it ourselves or at the very least buy it for the cheapest amount we can wrangle.
 For example, look at these lovely lovely coats above! 4 rather posh suede coats in my size- from a wonderful lady on Freegle. I only asked for one, and because of my politeness and other peoples rudeness she gave me all four. These will keep me going for a long long time :) And after they have given up the ghost can you imagine all the wonderful crafty things I could do?
 Another thing I am going to try is Frugaldom's 2013 Frugaleur Challenge. The idea is to set up a small money making business for a small start up cost. I am starting out with £20 and making craft items to eventually sell on a stall somewhere. So far I have made some little pin cushions using drink bottle lids, some toy stuffing I've had forever, and 2 baby tops from the rag bag. Each one takes about 10 minutes to make so they are perfect for those little snatches of time the kiddies give me here and there.
 When they are asleep in the evening I am knitting a rather nifty baby outfit with plans to sell it in OH's shop once it's complete.
  I am also trying an experiment. Making my own shower gel, by melting some soap and adding a small amount of water and glycerin. At the moment it is melting in the kitchen, I will keep you posted on how it turns out.

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  1. The coats look like a real blessing [definitely Luke ch 3 verse 11 put into practice]
    I'm still dithering about doing the Frugaleur Challenge
    Shower gel...ah! I remember Blue peter showing you how to make bath salts back in 1960 something. You mixed soda crystals with a little perfume and a little food colouring- and put it in decorated jamjars as a thrifty gift.

    What they didnt say was that the food colouring in the bath water was prone to leaving coloured blotches on your legs!!!

    blessings xx

  2. Lovey catching up with you online and thank you! :)

    Frugaldom is very pleased to have you onboard for the Frugaleur Challenge.

    Angela, the frugal challenges run every year and are meant to fun, frugal and full of the otential to earn a few pennies extra. You are most welcome to join us sharing our trials and tribukations along the way. :)


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